Linkless Google?

  Its been a roller coaster ride for SEO’s in last few months. It seems Google is on a Mission Impossible. They have been cracking down hard on blog Networks one by one and things are becoming a little noisy out there. Finally, we guys ( so called SEO experts) had sigh of relief when i came across a new […]

Penguin 2.1- Fight Back

According to Mutt Cutts Penguin 2.1 effected only 1% of search queries. But if I go by the data, I have in my serpbook , I see it has effected at least 10% of search queries. As I wrote in my last post ( read here ) , Its hard to conclude that whats working now and whats not, with […]

Penguin 2.1 and hummingbird- 4 HOT tips

  I have been doing a lots of case studies specially after 4th October 2013 ( i was not much concerned after the hummingbird but penguin 2.1 took me off by surprise)¬† and now about 5 weeks after penguin 2.1, I can really advice on some points to you guys. As you can understand we cant reverse engineer the exact […]

hummingbird + Penguin 2.1 -Case 1

Okay, So SEO world went upside down in last couple of weeks. First Hummingbird and then Penguin 2.1. I was busy studying Hummingbird and before I could conclude something, Google gave us Penguin 2.1. According to Google, Hummingbird is a complete change of an Engine ( Algorithm) with some old parts still in it ( as those old parts were […]

Ranking With ZERO Content

Google unveils yet another update named Hummingbird ( I dont know why Google¬† run behind these innocent creatures?) on the eve of its 15th Birthday. Thousands of SEO Experts are still trying to gauge what would that mean for them, Meanwhile I come across this site which ranks #1 for quite a competitive term without giving a shit about what […]