BOX SHOT with Social Shield-V5 Goes Live

Did you hear about Box Shot V5 (With Social Shield)?

Would like to know how it can impact your SERP in long run?

Lets discover more about BOX SHOT V5

More about Social Shield:

Social Media has become a demand in Today’s SEO. and If you are missing it you are missing the plot.

These two images would help us understand the Social Shield better.






Social Shield 2


As you can see from the image 1, we take random blog posts from our network (for each project) and share them to our high quality and High authority social media accounts including FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As seen from the image 2, We share your site (money site) though our social media accounts as well.


Social Shield provides your site extra protection by sending out social signals to your Money site and our blog posts made for you.

Social Shield gives the site much needed Authenticity and trust in Google Eyes and raise its reputation.

Hurry Up, we are closing the Flat 45% discount on it shortly. Here is the Coupon Code for it: FLAT45

Best of Luck!

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