Penguin 4.0 – The Game Goes Bigger!

The SEO game has gone bigger with Penguin 4.0.  Google officially announced the release of real time Penguin 4.0 as part of their core algorithm. The roll out has been completed and here are our take away from it. Real Time: Penguin used to come and go every three month. So if somebody lost rankings in an update, he has […]

Rank Brain- The Impact on SEO

SEO is a giant pain in the butt. It’s getting super competitive and Google is becoming smarter with each passing day. If have not heard of Rank Brain, You have missed something very important. Its been one year since it inception. And Rank Brain is doing a great job for making Google smarter. Let’s take it point by point.   […]

The Idea Behind Lady Gaga Google Rider PLUS

I have been very busy from last few months and I really did not get time to update the blog so often. Meanwhile, We launched Lady Gaga PLUS Version on 25th March 2016.   The story goes back to Nov 2015, when one of my client asked me to use all Unique content in Born this way Package and paid […]

Google Out Yahoo In: Mozilla Firefox

Mozzile Firefox has removed Google from its Default Search Engine. Yahoo has replaced Google as a default Search Engine in Mozzila Firefox.  Somehow, Every minute lose to Google sound like a triumph to SEO world.   Not to mention, it will effect the Market share in small percentage. From 2004, Google was default search choice in Mozzila.

Penguin3- Its live!

Its been over a year, since we have been waiting for this disaster ( for SEO industry, every google update is disaster) and its live now. Google has confirmed that they have rolled out Penguin 3 on Friday Night (17th Oct 2014).   The update has already started creating havoc in Black hat word. and the thread started on 18th […]