BOX-SHOT-3 : The New ERA of Blog Networks

We have been pretty busy over the last few months checking the impact of UR (URL Ratings) and Domain Age in SERP. I have been a big fan of Domain age from quite a lot of time now. But Few of my client’s insisted me to check weather URL Ratings from ahrefs have any effect on rankings. So I planned […]

BOX-SHOT-V9 : My Brand New Network

Hey Amigo, Hope you are having some great time out there. I have been pretty busy putting things up for the New Network which took a little more time than I expected. But nevertheless, things have come out nice and we are all set to ROCK SERP in coming weeks with this kick-Ass Network. I have got hands on some […]

White Label Digital Marketing: It’s In

I have been running my SEO services though bhw and this blog. I have many clients who just resell my services (and probably make much more than me, Seriously!) and ask for white label reports. One of my UK , SEO reseller asked me to set up White Label SEO program for everybody including small business owners. It would give […]

Lady Gaga IV: More Diversity With New set of Domains

You must have heard the term ” Change is the only constant”. Just like everything else, We keep on updating things for betterment.The new Version of Lady Gaga with 6 Type of Anchor texts is going live today. Two Major Changes in the new Version: (A)There would be total 6 type of anchor texts in the new version.The anchor text […]