Dominating First Page Rankings in 2017 and Beyond!

What if you had 382 sites to rank in 28 days time? What if you have been tracking 1974 keywords on Daily Basis? Obviously you could figure out how to rank a website in search results yourself by working for hundreds of websites and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I’ve already done the hard work for you, testing different […]

Use This Exact Tactics to Beat Your Competitors in 6 Weeks

One of my friend did this and replicated this for his 3 casino sites to bank $22.4K/Month on passive income. This is in fact the easiest way to start staying ahead of your competitors and beat them with their own medicine. What do you need to do the same? Ahrefs – Free Account Microsoft Excel Your competitor’s URLs We know […]

Competitive Analysis : Are you doing it for SEO?

We know that there are plenty of tools out there that teach you how to peak into competitor’s back links. How do you know which is the right tool or person who can be useful for you? Not to worry—I’ve got the answer. In case you missed our Lady Gaga Compete Version launch,  we’re keeping the Competition Analysis module 100% […]

Rank Brain- The Impact on SEO

SEO is a giant pain in the butt. It’s getting super competitive and Google is becoming smarter with each passing day. If have not heard of Rank Brain, You have missed something very important. Its been one year since it inception. And Rank Brain is doing a great job for making Google smarter. Let’s take it point by point.   […]

CF/TF Everything You need to know about them!

PR is out of the game and I gotta ask you how are you checking if a Link is good for you or not?(If you are not doing  this you are crazy) I am using CF/TF right now for checking the quality of the links and the spam score. It rocks for me. The cool thing, is if you dont […]