Influencer Marketing – Suggestions And Action Plan

Influencer Marketing would be back bone of SEO and Content Marketing in 2017.  Let’s keep this post right on the point and dive into it.   Steps in Influencer Marketing: (A) DEFINE YOUR ON-LINE AUDIENCE Influencer marketing begins by comprehension who affects how they discover, decide, assess and buy and first identifying your target customer. (B)DISCOVER THE RIGHT INFLUENCERS   […]

Mobile SEO For 2016 : Few Crucial Elements!

Mobile SEO is next big thing, after Local Search Optimization in 2016/17. And if you are missing it, Trust me, You are loosing on a lots of traffic. Lets look at few Crucial elements of Mobile SEO in 2016/17.These are mentioned based on my own observation: Concentrate on core SERP Eliminate Mobile SEO erros Engage in content creation and mobile […]

Ranking An Amazon Product Page on Google

Do you have a Product on Amazon? If yes, then this one is for you! If your amazon product page is ranking in the top 3  on Google, it means that you’re really generating a lot of traffic and making a decent amount of money. So lets see if its all that challenging, especially if you put into consideration the […]

Penguin 4.0 – The Game Goes Bigger!

The SEO game has gone bigger with Penguin 4.0.  Google officially announced the release of real time Penguin 4.0 as part of their core algorithm. The roll out has been completed and here are our take away from it. Real Time: Penguin used to come and go every three month. So if somebody lost rankings in an update, he has […]

Competitive Analysis : Are you doing it for SEO?

We know that there are plenty of tools out there that teach you how to peak into competitor’s back links. How do you know which is the right tool or person who can be useful for you? Not to worry—I’ve got the answer. In case you missed our Lady Gaga Compete Version launch,  we’re keeping the Competition Analysis module 100% […]