Rank Brain- The Impact on SEO

SEO is a giant pain in the butt. It’s getting super competitive and Google is becoming smarter with each passing day. If have not heard of Rank Brain, You have missed something very important. Its been one year since it inception. And Rank Brain is doing a great job for making Google smarter. Let’s take it point by point.   […]

CF/TF Everything You need to know about them!

PR is out of the game and I gotta ask you how are you checking if a Link is good for you or not?(If you are not doing  this you are crazy) I am using CF/TF right now for checking the quality of the links and the spam score. It rocks for me. The cool thing, is if you dont […]

Adult SEO- What Search Engine Crawlers Love?

I have around 3-4 clients asking for Adult SEO Services each week. SEO for adult web sites is different on some grounds, like most of the sites wont accept adult web sites for submissions and nobody would like to connect to a adult web site. Lets find out what are few basic thing to take care when you are doing […]

E-Commerce SEO- What You Need to Know?

Do You have a E-Commerce site and it sucks at SEO? You need to stop worrying about it now and concentrate on these tips and tricks to make it a great SEO site. Mostly E-commerce sites have products and categories. You should do SEO for both of them. Lets dig a more deeper in it. Products SEO: (A) Content: Normally […]

Lady Gaga IV: More Diversity With New set of Domains

You must have heard the term ” Change is the only constant”. Just like everything else, We keep on updating things for betterment.The new Version of Lady Gaga with 6 Type of Anchor texts is going live today. Two Major Changes in the new Version: (A)There would be total 6 type of anchor texts in the new version.The anchor text […]