The Sheer Power of .Edu Links

As you know, Backlinks are still a HUGE part of ranking higher in search engines. But as the rules shift, it’s getting trickier and trickier to get powerful links that are QUALITY links.Even though .Edu links are hard to get access to,They Have CRAZY AUTHORITY, which protects your site from any potential Google Slap! So when I actually got access […]

6 Types of Anchor Texts You Should be Using Today!

Hey, I am back in action today for writing a blog post, sharing a great anchor text diversity pattern to please big G. You must start using it straight away if you are missing it. I am sure, you would find it awesome. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it! Anchor Texts: If you are in SEO you […]

Social DA Matrix-Daily Free Review Copy

I have been a big fan of Social Signals and now its no more a secret that they count the signals as a ranking factor in Google SERP. We have been doing various social media Campaigns for our regular clients on monthly basis. Social signals make your site REAL. and your audience gets impressed by them. We have impacted more […]

BOX SHOT with Social Shield-V5 Goes Live

Did you hear about Box Shot V5 (With Social Shield)? Would like to know how it can impact your SERP in long run? Lets discover more about BOX SHOT V5 More about Social Shield: Social Media has become a demand in Today’s SEO. and If you are missing it you are missing the plot. These two images would help us […]

Ranking a Youtube Video in 30 Days!

Last month, Got a youtube ranking project from an old client. Normally I accept Youtube URLs for all of my services and we have given results in a lots of cases. This case we different though, the client just uploaded the youtube and contacted me for SEO. Here’s what he gave us: Youtube URL 5 Views 1 Like 3 main […]