5 Marketing Tips To Improve Your Blog’s Visibility On Pinterest


Every individual aims to drive traffic to his blog so that he can achieve success in this online world, there are hundreds even thousands of platforms which can help a blogger or business owner to drive traffic to his business related website or blog. Social Media and Search Engines are the best option and they simply work great but for newbie bloggers targeting all the search engines or social networking sites at once is really tough, approaching things one by one can help you to understand them in a much better manner. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the best social media sites which has the potential to boost the traffic of a new blog, it can even increase revenue of a business or blog by some great percent. Once you understand the tactics to handle this platform then nobody can stop you to be successful in generating traffic from this platform. This platform is famous but a lot of people neglect it despite of knowing its outstanding power, I’m talking about Pinterest. Have you ever used it to boost your blog’s traffic? Is Pinterest contributing in driving traffic to your blog? Let’s have a look on some techniques which can be helpful for everybody if utilized correctly:

Attractive Images:

If you’ve used Pinterest before then you might know it is completely based on images, that’s the only reason behind this platform’s tremendous success and activity. According to a report of 2013 Pinterest has more than 70 Million users, it’s because of Pinterest’s dependency on images as images are far attractive and engaging than simple text. Now you know that this platform is basically dependent on images, this is certain that you have to be good at selection of images while sharing things there. You have an opportunity to attract thousands of people at once by sharing attractive images.

Pin It Button:

Self promotion is good but what if other people promote your content? Nobody is going to promote your content if you don’t comfort them. A lot of people may get inspired from your content but nobody is going to share until you ask them to share or provide them an opportunity to share your content. Pinterest Pin It button is a great feature which you can introduce on your blog to force your readers to promote your content, it can help you to drive more audience and can merely increase the number of pins of your articles.

pinit button

Here is a wordpress plugin which can help you to activate pin it button on the images you share on your blog.

Equal Promotion Rule:

Those who work for the sake of promoting others are more likely to get more exposure. You are supposed to share what’s good, you don’t have to share the stuff which belongs to you only. The more good you’ll share the more you’ll succeed in marketing your business on Pinterest. You can also share you stuff but work according to a rule so that you don’t appear to be self  promotional guy to others, sharing others’ content will give you a variety of stuff to share which may result in consistent Pinterest shares and it will improve your relationship with other Pinterest users as well.

Relevant Boards:

If you share different variety of stuff then you must create relevant boards for everything you share. Let’s suppose you normally share stuff related to two topics namely; Article Writing and Marketing then group the articles of both topics in the form of boards so that people interested in article writing can follow your article writing board and people interested in marketing can go with marketing. The prime benefit of creating boards is to help people select whether they want to follow everything you share or just some specific boards.

Be Active:

The best thing which would increase your blog’s reach and fan following on Pinterest is your activity, you have to show people that you are an active Pinterest user by liking, commenting and Repining pins by other users. Every activity you’ll do will reach the respective user in the form of notifications, it will increase your reputation & followers and the best thing is, it will encourage others to pin,  like and comment on your pins.


If you are good at something and still you don’t utilize it to be successful then you are an idiot because you don’t utilize your resources. I’ve just taught you how you can use Pinterest for marketing your business or blog, now it’s your turn to use it to make things perfect. So, are you going to take benefit from above mentioned tips?

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