Spam Works?

I have been thinking of tracking some sites which rank amazingly well in serp despite bad SEO. Finally I got time to do that.

Keyword : pirater compte facebook


I checked its ranking today 20th Sep and Here’s the screenshot:


spam works


I have seen sites ranking well but this was an awesome example of “SPAM Works” .  Somebody said , You can get away with poor content or scraped content. But How about “No Content”?  Its just a parked domain with ZERO Content on it and its ranking #1 for such a popular PPD niche.




Lets see Whats Going On?

I opened ahrefs and went into details. I saw the site has 51K Back links from 2.1k referring domains. Ohhh Damn…



Case was almost clear to me. It was a case of redirection. 301 Redirects. I went ahead and searched for Redirects in the back link profile and here’s What I found:




In short….  301 Redirects Works, or better to say its working for him as of now.


Coming Next:

I dont want to leave tracking this site.   I will check the ranking again in 3-6 days and Lets see if Google is really fighting against SPAM!


Update [ 1st Oct]:

So its been 10 days since i wrote this post. Its time to check if Google is smarter than this guy.

Here’s What I see:



A zero content Parked domain is ranking #1 in Google from last 10 days ( that what i see, it might be ranking before that time period) and Then Google Talks About HIGH Quality Informative Content !!



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