Use This Exact Tactics to Beat Your Competitors in 6 Weeks

One of my friend did this and replicated this for his 3 casino sites to bank $22.4K/Month on passive income.
This is in fact the easiest way to start staying ahead of your competitors and beat them with their own medicine.

What do you need to do the same?

  • Ahrefs – Free Account
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Your competitor’s URLs

We know that there are plenty of tools out there that teach you how to peak into competitor’s back links. How do you know which is the right tool which can be useful for you? Don’t worry lets dive into this. It’s all Free.

In the blog post, I am going to give you five secret comparison modules to compare your web site with your top competitors and do the same type of links to beat them. My Friend did exactly the same and succeeded.

Let’s make the excel with these Columns.



its about, How is Your over all web site ratings in comparison to your competitors?

Now, in module#1, we check all the sites including yours for the over all DR (Domain Rating) in ahrefs.

I did this for one of my client’s site and 3 of his Competitors Sites. and Here’s what we see:

Even with the first module itself, you get an idea that my client’s web site is way behind his competitors.

Lets move to the 2nd Module now.


Its about, How Competitive You are in Social Media with your Competitors.

In this module we compare the social signals for all the site and based on the Numbers,we make a decision if we need more social shares or not.

As seen by the numbers, my clients web site “A” is still behind from the competitor’s web site “B”.  in fact, he is half way down as compared to the site “B” Social Signals.


Its about, How You are doing in terms of Back links and total referring domain when compared with competitors?


As we see my client’s web site has total of 98 Backlinks which is just a start if we compare it to the competition. So I advised him to be consistent with his link building efforts.


Its about, Where you stand in terms of Do Follow/No Follow and Image Back links in front of your Competitors?



No of Do follow and No Follow back links are very important. It gives you the idea, about what performing best for your own niche. You must keep/increase the ratio as per the best performing site in the niche.


Its about, How many .Edu/.Gov links You have got in comparison to your Competitors?

Sometimes, what happens is, you can be ahead of your competitors in terms of Social Signals and over all back links but you still remain behind in SERP. In those cases, .GOV/.EDU links play a vital role. You must compare your .edu/.Gov links with your competitors and plan your SEO campaign based on them.



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6 thoughts on “Use This Exact Tactics to Beat Your Competitors in 6 Weeks

  1. Hello I have and read and found out my competitors stats, but all of them have a crap ton of backlinks is it possible to beat them if I purchase one of your packages? I’m trying to rank specific pages and the ones they are ranking for have keyword scores of 10 through 20 in and they have no content of them except download links. Heres the graph if you could take a quick peek at it!

    1. @James They must be having good links as well along with crap links. You can speak to me here at Skype- Highranking999 if you have more questions.

  2. according with Semrush my website health is 90% with more quality links,webs 2.0 aged ,etc.. my fierce competitor has been on 1st y 2nd place.long time ago. besides i bought two pack in BHW with ZERO improvements.
    I think there are others factors that need to be detected to gain positions.

    1. Hello @Ed, Off course, There are other factors to be considered along with these. The other important factor is, Domain Age, if you are lacking in Domain age, You might need a little more time to leave behind your competitors.

  3. Hey, Akasma,
    Great stuff!!
    Excellent comparison report. I used Ahref in 2012 and now it has made lots of changes on its report. Incredibly great updates. Lot’s of new terms are added which are useful for competitor analyzing. I must try it now.
    Thanks a lot for your post and have a great day.

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