6 Surefire Tips to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority (DA)

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There are many factors that determine how a site is ranked in search engines. These factors are continually refined to make easier for searchers to find what they are looking for easily.

One of these factors is Domain Authority. By increasing your domain authority, you can boost your Authority and consequently increasing the rankings to your site.

how to raise domain authority

So, What is Domain Authority?

To simply put it in layman language, we can say it is website rating. Higher domain authority gives you an edge over other competing website.

However, unlike SEO, it won’t have a direct effect on your Rankings but offers an indirect metric that you can use to determine how your website is faring compared to others. A site with a higher domain authority will rank higher as compared to its competitor sites.

Who Determines Domain Authority?

This metric was developed by Moz.

It works in a logarithmic way; meaning that the higher your score is, the harder it is to increase your domain authority.

find domain authority

For instance, moving your score from 20 to 30 is easier than moving it from 80 to 90.

The higher your score, the more efforts and work you will need to achieve significant results.

Interpreting Domain Authority:


 Domain authority scores range from 1-100.  

A lower score, most of the times, indicate lower ranking on a search engine; however, it doesn’t mean that your website is performing poorly.

Check the ranking of comparable sites; if they have a higher score than your site, it is a sign that you need to put more effort to improve your domain authority.

find out domain authority

If your site has a higher score than similar ones in your niche, then you are on the right track. Keep in mind that domain authority should be a comparable metric and not an absolute metric.

How to Find Your Domain Authority:

Moz has an online service designed to help show domain authorities.

 Type your site or page URL into Open Site Explorer to see your page and domain authority.  

This will also show you the number of inbound links Moz has discovered in the last 60 days- this is important as new links help a site stay relevant over time.


what does domain authority mean

How to Compare Domain Authority:

By typing a URL of a competitor site into Open Site Explorer, you will get an idea of how your site ranks in comparison to it. Compile the information provided, and use it to compare to your domain authority (DA) results. This will give you an idea of the site that is more likely to rank higher in search results.

How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority?

The MozScape Web Index is a compilation of websites and the links in them. It works like Google crawlers; it takes snapshots of the site and provides information to Moz about their utility and performance. As a tool to determine how to improve ranking and judge SEO, it is updated on a monthly basis for relevance purposes.

website domain authority

Your page authority and domain authority can change as MozScape updates the number of links and added information on sites.

Another metric that changes is the highest domain authority score a site can achieve. As aforementioned, the number of links a site gets influences its domain authority score. Keeping in mind that top sites constantly get a high number of inbound links, the ranking of the sites with the highest score keeps changing in different niches based on the inbound links they get.

What Happens When Your Pages Are Not Ranked By Mozscape?

MozScape uses a top-down method when indexing pages; meaning that it indexes the homepage first followed by the pages linked from the homepage. It takes time to index pages that are deeper on a site. If you want a page to be indexed quickly, consider working on getting more inbound links to the page or move it up in your site’s ladder.

 To speed up the process of getting a page indexed by MozScape, get links from sites that have a high MozRank. To get these links, publish interesting and relevant content on a regular basis. 

However, MozScape doesn’t index sites that are not allied to their seed URLs.

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What Affects Domain Authority?

The primary factor affecting your domain authority is link profile. As with SEO, the number and type of sites with links to your domain are also great drivers. MozTrust and MozRank are also major determinants when it comes to domain authority.

(A) Link Profile:

Link profile is determined by the number of sites with links pointing to and from a website. There are follow and nofollow links. A link profile is judged by the types and number of links, as well as the source of those links. Links from authority sites are more valuable than those from low-quality sites.

(B) MozRank:

This is analogous to Google’s PageRank, and its score ranges from 1-10. It measures the popularity of a certain URL. This works on a logarithmic scale meaning it is easier to go from 10-20 than going from 70-80.

(C) MozTrust:

This is a measure of the trustworthiness of sites that link to a URL. It is important because when a site with a high level of authority- such as a government or university- links to your site, your domain authority score goes significantly higher.

How to Raise/Improve Domain Authority?

A lots of my client ask me, How to Increase DA?

Here are a few things that can improve your domain authority score.

(1) Getting More Links:

Links are the primary drivers of domain authority score. Improving the backlinks from quality sites will improve your score greatly. Keep in mind that you must use links from quality sites; links from low-quality sites will lower your SEO and domain authority.

(2) Diversifying Links:

Diversify the sites you are getting links from. You can consider getting links from sites with different domain extension. It is important to ensure these sites are high-quality as well. One way to diversify is by having interesting and in-depth content that makes you an authority site in your niche. You will be approached for guest posts and content swaps.

(3) Using Internal Links on Your Website:

Topics that reference others you have published should be linked to help readers get more information easily. Blog posts that reference each other should be linked. Having a strong internal link structure can help keep your site organized and raise your domain authority as well.

(4) Disavow Negative or Spam Links:

Low-quality sites or spam sites link to your domain without your consent. You can use a Disavow tool offered by Google to remove their connection to your site. This will help raise your domain authority as your site will not be penalized for associating with low-quality or spam sites.

(5)  Link Build with Trusted Sites:

Get at least a few links from sites with a higher MozTrust rank; this will not only improve your MozTrust ran but also your inbound links.

(6)  Optimize Your Pages:

Ensure that all your image tags, title tags, content, and images are optimized for search engine purposes. This will improve both your PageRank and domain authority.

Your domain authority measures how well your site ranks on a Google search engine result page in comparison to competitor sites. If your site ranks low in your niche, take action now to improve your domain authority score.

By implementing the above tips, you will get excellent results.

What is Page Authority?

Page authority refers to a measure of a specific page’s metrics. Sometimes a domain can have a high rating, but one of the pages can have a lower rating.

how to increase domain authority

This means the page may not rank high despite it’s domain having a higher rating. so apart from focusing on just DA, You must measure the PA of the page you are trying to rank.

How to Increase Page Authority (PA)?

Basically, page authority predict and determine how good that particular page is. Basically you can apply everything, which you apply to increase Domain Authority.

Apart from those normal Domain Authority Points, I want to make you aware of how you can increase page authority so that your site can rank better over all.


1. Continuous Creation of Quality New Content:

Everybody loves to read new updated information regularly. Right? Yes. Its very true people love been updated through reading resourceful content of good quality.



To make sure that your page has great authority score; updating quality information content on your page regularly can be of great assistance.

This is because by doing so, you have very great chance of your site been ranked on a higher rank for every single update you post on your page.

 The most important and vital thing to consider when posting new content on your page is quality of the information, you are trying to communicate to your targeted audience. 

Remember the better your content is, the higher the probability of your site content to be shared, liked or even commented by your targeted readers which as a result can improve your page authority in a great way.

To ensure you content is of quality to your readers, first of all you need to understand your audience properly. This makes it very easy for you to provide them with relevant information which will be useful to them.


Also, ensure that your content is clear, interesting and very easy to read.

This will make it very simple for your target readers to read, enjoy and this will results to sharing of your content and therefore creation of more web traffic for your site.


2.Earn External Links:

Its without any doubt that the more external links linked to your page, the more your site will be exposed to many readers which will result to increase in your page authority.


Basically, this external links plays a great role in exposure of your product, service or brand and also creation of web traffic of your site which is a major resultant of page authority increase.

Now I know you are asking yourself how you can have a lot external links to that particular page for improvement of your page authority. Right?

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Worry less since its very easy.

To achieve this you have to make sure that your site is of higher quality and rank by posting resourceful quality content. This is because when your site is of higher quality it has higher chances to be consider by Google and therefore increase in your site page authority.

Also, ensure you regularly do promotion of your page content on social media platforms.

Also, don’t forget to link some of the others authority site you know in your posts. This is because when these sites detect that you are creating traffic for them, they will return the favor back to you by linking your site too.

3. Use of Images:

Sincerely speaking, images create a big and more meaningful pictures and understanding of information compared to general reading.

Therefore, You might be missing a lot of web traffic and page authority if you don’t use images on your site.


This is because using original and contented images in your page make it very easy for your reader to easily recognize your site, which as a result will create more web traffic.


Basically, images are very easy to read compared to text messages which sometimes can be boring and overwhelming to your targeted readers.

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Images rely on the information of all that your page is all about faster than text. Also, compared to text messages, when using images readers have a higher tendency of sharing this images with their friends therefore creating more traffic.Images rely on the information of all that your page is all about faster than text.


This is because images provide rough ideas of what will be contained in the main content of your post and for sure if your content is of higher quality the reader will be motivated to read the rest and also share. When the reader sees the information in the images, they will be inquisitive to read more and as a result they will be tempted to click the link that will direct them to your page therefore creating more traffic.


To make sure images work perfectly for you, ensure when you post especially on social media you give a brief description of the picture to make it easier for your reader to understand content behind the picture.


This also plays a great role in improving your SEO which is of vital importance in ranking your page at higher level which will result to creation of more traffic and therefore increase in your site page authority.



For you to achieve your goals on great web traffic, you must work on both Domain Authority and Page Authority of your site.

When you do all the above mentioned points,you will never regret. Good luck!

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