What Is The Best Title-Tag Length For SEO?

Best Title-Tag Length For SEO
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Do you keep worrying about the Best Title-Tag Length For SEO? If yes, after this post you won’t be anymore. But first of all, let us know the meaning of a Title Tag.

Title-Tag Length
Title-Tag Length

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What is a Title Tag?

The Title Tags are essential HTML elements that help specify the title of a web page. These title tags may be displayed on the SERPs that are Search Engine Result Pages as different clickable headlines for a particular result.

These title tags are essential for other practices related to SEO, social sharing, and usability. 

What Is The Best Title-Tag Length For SEO?

The total number of characters that one can use in a title tag may vary from time to time. Thus, over the years, the length of the title tags has undergone different changes. The latest change took place in September of the year 2019.

The best length for the title tag for SEO should be 50-60 characters. Now, this length is not specified by google. However, if the size of the title tag is more than 60 characters, then there are high chances of it getting cut off in the middle. 

Can you guess what will happen if the title tag length exceeds a specific limit? It will get cut off from the middle. And some important information might disappear. As a safety measure, one should always use the important keywords at the beginning to make critical information visible.

Before March 2014, the title tags had their length within 42 to 68 characters. But after that, In March 2014, the length changed to 55-60 characters. Again in May 2016, the length of the title tags changed to around 70 characters.

Best Title-Tag Length For SEO
Best Title-Tag Length For SEO

The latest change in September 2019 that we had previously talked about decided the length of the title tag to be just 51 characters. This is the average length, but the title can always be shorter or longer than the average one. But we can take the approximate length to be in the range of 50-60 characters.

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Factors Affecting The Title Tag Length

Although the average length of the title tag for SEO is final, the length depends on several factors.

Best Title-Tag Length
Best Title-Tag Length

These factors affect the title tag length in different ways. Let us know how they do so:

  • The letters that are wide take up more space than the other letters. For example, letters such as “i” tend to take up much lesser space than the more comprehensive letters like ‘we. 
  •  All the letters written in the upper case tend to take up more space. For example, the word ‘AND’ takes up much more space than ‘and. 
  • The width depends on the search query. Whenever there is a search query, google makes it bold. So, automatically the bold letters tend to take up more space. 
  • What happens in the case of longer search queries? They also take up huge spaces. 
  • The next one is truncation. Truncated titles are shown with ‘…’, and thus fewer characters are on display. 


The leading talent lies in keeping the length of the title tag within the character as mentioned above range and keeping the vital information visible for google to recognize it quickly. 

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