Turn Around Time:

                                                           6 Weeks for 6 Weeks SEO
                                                           4 Weeks for 4 Weeks SEO
                                                           2 Weeks for 2 Weeks SEO


                                                           1st and 2nd Week Reports at the End of 2nd Week
                                                           3rd and 4th Week Reports at the End of 4th Week
                                                           5th and 6th Week Reports at the End of 6th Week

                                                           Payment Method:


                                                           PayPal: highranking999@gmail.com

                                                            Information Required:

                                                          Main Keywords
                                                          LSI Keywords (optional)
                                                          Hash Tags (Optional)
                                                          Email Id for delivery

                                                           Contact Me:

                                                         Skype: Highranking999

                                                         Telegram: AkaSam07

                                                         WhatsApp: +91 98280 80195

                                                         Email: sam@samblogs.com


                                                        Q. Would you provide reports for the work done?
                                                        Ans. Yes, You will get report in the form of URLs/Screenshots.

                                                        Q. Can you drip feed my work?
                                                        Ans. Yes, the work can be done in drip feed manner.

                                                        Q. How many URLs can I submit?
                                                        Ans. You can provide Unlimited URL/Keywords using the Special Instructions Column of the form.

                                                        Q. How Can I pay by Bitcoin?
                                                        Ans. Please contact me and I would provide you my Bitcoin Address

                                                        Q. Do I need to have my own accounts on these social platforms?
                                                        Ans. No. You don’t need to have your own account on these social platforms.

                                                        Q. Do you accept PORN/Gambling sites.
                                                        Ans. Yes We do.

                                                        Q. It is a subscription Payment?
                                                        Ans. Right now, Its not a subscription payment. Its one off Payment.

                                                        Q. Do You accept foreign language sites?
                                                        Ans. Yes, We do.

                                                        Q. What if my URL is banned on one of the Social Network or Web 2.0 Site?
                                                        Ans. If we find your URL banned on any of the network or site , we would do extra posts on other web site.

                                                        Q. Do You take custom Orders?
                                                        Ans. Yes, I do. You can contact me here at Skype-Highranking999 and we can speak about it there.

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