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While we are getting “used to” to the new Normal, we at have been working harder than ever to put together the 6th Generation Blog Posts.


We took input from our clients at our Facegroup, Facebook Page, Twitter & LinkedIn about the metrics they care about most, so that we can give as many details about those metrics as possible.


6th Generation Blog Posts

When we combine the results at various polls, We came to know these three as the top factors which makes people excite when they do Blog Posts.

Lets’ see what are the best metrics for Blog Posts:

  • UR (URL Rating From Ahrefs)
  • DA (Domain Authority from Moz)
  • Citation Flow (CF From Majestic)

It’s really hard to take control of each metrics when we buy the domains though auction. But lets see how far we go while creating these 6th Generation Blogs.

Let’s see what we have in store if we talk about above 3 metrics.

(1) UR (URL Rating)

UR = URL Rating is a metrics from

Average UR of the network ~ 23+

We have blogs with UR as high as 46 in the network. The average UR of the networks touches around 23.

URL Rating 2

URL Rating 3

URL Rating 1

(2) DA (Domain Authority)

Average Domain Authority ~ 25+

We have blogs with DA as high as 55 in the network. The average Domain authority of the networks touches around 25.

Here’s how few of the domains look like:

Domain Authority (DA)


(3) CF (Citation Flow)

Average Citation Flow ~ 23+

We have blogs with Citation Flow as high as 59 in the network. The average CF of the networks touches around 23.

Citation Flow


These 6th Generation blogs are all set to juice up your site with authority and unique content.

And these can prove vital in your link building efforts after the last Google update.

Google’s core update has hit money sites where it hurts: Their Ranking.

If you’re affected, then listen close.

Now, details on the update aren’t clear — but one thing is certain.

And that’s Google’s guidance on updates which says: “write good content”


the more quality content on your site…
The more Google sees you as an authority figure…
And the more you can rank higher.

So, if you want to bounce back quickly, focus on creating relevant and correct content.

Box-Shot 6.0 Generation blog post can be the right pick for you.

These are Aged Auctioned Domains dripping with Link Juice.

This new service powers your website with unique blog posts. And improves your page experience.

Inside you get:

(1) Unique blog posts for Authority Building.

(2) Social Shield Protection that Masks Your Backlinks.

(3) Aged Blog Network with 24.33 average PA.

And you can trust it to skyrocket your rankings – because the packages fulfil Google’s E.A.T guidelines.

When I offered Box Shot’s previous version, overwhelming reviews poured in via emails and the BHW forum.

Some Recent Reviews…

So, if your money site took a hit with the core update…

It’s time to dust yourself up and start improving your site.

But this only happens if you nab the New Box Shot 6.0.


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