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Track Customers and revenues from seo in CRM

How To Track Revenue And Customers From SEO In Your CRM

As an SEO professional, you have also worked to find the impact of your efforts on the customers and revenue. Using the Google Analytics tool, you will get the number of visitors visiting your site through organic search. Also, you can get the number of leads by setting up GoalTracking on the forms. But traditionally, gathering the data into the

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word count & seo

Word Count And SEO: What Content Marketers Need To Consider

Now that more people are using the internet, everyone has shifted their enterprises online. Therefore, a business needs to have a presence online to attract more customers. The content marketer should be very knowledgeable about SEO, and having high-quality content will improve your ranking. Given how frequently Google modifies its algorithm, it is critical for content marketers to keep up

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seo pros are using chatgpt

5 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT

You all may have noticed there is a relatively fresh participant in the field of Search Engines. You all had taken it in a light way when you came to know about it, but now you need to be serious regarding it. Here are ways SEO pros are using ChatGPT. The party we are talking about is ChatGPT which refers

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SEO Recap For 2022 – What Were The Significant Changes?

SEO is an ever-changing field, and with new changes comes a lot of confusion for those just starting. To help you recap the significant changes in SEO over the last year or so, here are some of the essential takeaways from the major updates that occurred in 2022. Here is a few SEO Recap for 2022. See Also: 8 Ways

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url redirects for seo

URL Redirects for SEO: A Technical Guide

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on URL Redirects for SEO! SEO is essential for digital marketing, and businesses must understand how to use URL redirects to their advantage. This guide will cover the basics of URL redirects, how they are beneficial to improve SEO, and more. By the end of this guide, you’ll better understand how URL redirects can help

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