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Today I want to share with you a story…

And with that also offer you the Ultimate Solution that will skyrocket your Google rankings way beyond the paradigm of worrying about Google Updates and Competitors…
And You can Enjoy the top rankings for years to come If you follow it carefully.

That being said, Let’s talk about my Friend “David” now.

David was really the typical SEO guy who tried everything left and right to get his site to the top of Google.

Sometimes he had mild successes and he felt proud of himself, while at other times he became frustrated because Google update would hit him hard…

Just the ordinary cycle of pain & pleasure, pleasure & pain that each of us goes through in business…

However, there came a time in which the Google Update became fearsome and almost unstoppable…

Then David hit a wall…
He couldn’t continue making quick low-quality fixes because the time spans of the updates were becoming smaller and smaller…

He even started to lose money and entertained the thought of “Giving Up”!


Then with his last drop of hope, he decided to call me and ask for advice… Now, as you can imagine this was one of the best decisions David made!

Honestly, I really didn’t do much for him.
I just showed him what he was doing wrong and he came with an Epiphany to try ranking in a completely new way!

The decision he made was to stop counting huge numbers of low-quality backlinks and instead go catch the big fish.
That was the moment in which everything changed for him!

He didn’t have to work more than before, he just made his work a lot smarter…

He stopped falling for the shiny objects that everybody was promoting (which were getting killed with every new Google Update) and focused solely on building long-term, bulletproof, high-quality links from really authoritative sites that would last him a lifetime.



From then on, he didn’t need my help anymore, because he already learned his lesson!

He started focusing all of his time on the Highly Advanced Premium Links that will make him profits for years to come! (not the other trash work).

And that’s exactly what you need to learn to finally start ranking well on Google!

If you learned the moral from that story and are ready to finally crack the Google ranking codes… I have something for you!


 Our brand new service Death Note Hyper Links is live and you can SAVE 50% OFF if you order your package right now!


These are highly advanced Premium links with exclusive articles that can give you the maximum ranking in the lowest amount of time.

If you feel tired of counting on low-level backlinks and spun plagiarized content that gets you nowhere, then this is for you!


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