December 27 & 28 Google Search Ranking Algorithm Jolt?

December product reviews update
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A Google search ranking algorithm surge may occur on December 27th and 28th. I strongly suspect Google released anything during the holidays this last week of December. However, it is possible that a strange alteration threw off the search results.

Starting late December 26th through December 28th, SEO conversations were rushed in the WebmasterWorld conferences. A few, but not all, of the customized Google tracking devices, displayed blips on December 27th and 28th.

It’s normal for Google’s search results to fluctuate without Google explicitly revealing a calculation update, but this one appears to be more unusual than usual. I’m not sure if there was a noteworthy impediment.

SEO Chitchat

Our Google traffic and add-up to insights have surged in the last few days, which is incredible for a global travel-planning site. The expansion is predictable with our usual pre-COVID traffic layout: a low for the year around Christmas, followed by a slow but continuous rise toward our regular summer record around Christmas or New Year’s.

I’m pretty impressed; Xmas / New Year has usually been the slowest time of year for our websites, but the last three days have been 37.0 percent, 54.7 percent, and 63.3 percent, respectively.

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Google search ranking algorithm
Google search ranking algorithm

I might have spoken soon…traffic was normal until late afternoon when it plunged down a bluff for the rest of the day… By the end of the day, the UK had turned around – 40 percent. I’m witnessing these massive plunges almost every day lately. Traffic will appear normal until it drops to 0-1 miles per hour over an extended period. The current month’s traffic in the United Kingdom looks like this:

I’m getting a considerable amount of traffic coming in from all over the world right now. It’s been happening since morning.

I don’t know if my G Real-Time has gone crazy or if it’s happening.

I’m having an increase of over 5,000%.

Is anyone else seeing something bizarre today?

Not for me…a 79 percent decline in home page traffic today…a 51 percent drop in search traffic. At 1 pm, the United States and the United Kingdom dropped 45-48 percent, Canada was down 67 percent, Australia had yet to visit, and Western Europe had received virtually nothing. In my 17 years, I’ve never seen anything like that.

All I can figure is that there must be some penalties because my rating has been lowering and dropping this month…soon, there will be nothing left.

I’m noticing an uptick in organic traffic today and anticipate a 10% boost over yesterday by the end of the day. Traffic appears to be expected. There haven’t been any direct conversions because most of this page is informative, but we’ll see what affiliates have to say in the next few days or weeks.

Legitimate traffic. AdSense with high conversion. The USA and Europe are the majority. This started this morning. As usual, it never lasts longer than 1 hour. Today it’s been going on for the whole day, and I hope it stays that way.

Yes, I won top positions on several terms. This usually appears for 1 hour when it happens, and today it spans all day. I hope this is permanent. If it wasn’t an update, my site finally surpassed my competitors…


Today, I see so much junk traffic that buyers forgot Google exits and started shopping at Amazon or something!

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On the Google search ranking algorithm,

Is there another Google update/adjustment going on right now? Seeing some volatility in my rankings and the trackers seem pretty hot. 

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