Geotargeting Can Affect Search Rankings in Google Search Console 

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If you want to reach a vast target audience, employ Google Search Console’s international targeting option, often known as “Geotargeting“. But it can impair your search rankings. It came to the limelight when the Google Search Central SEO office hours hung out on December 31.


SEO Aleem Bawany joins the webcast to ask Google Search Advocate John Mueller why his leading site outranks a minor sibling site. According to Bawany, the ultimate site provides news articles periodically reproduced on the subsidiary site for a general audience. Even though the more significant site is the source of knowledge, the secondary site performs better.

After reviewing the site, Mueller believes this is due to the global targeting settings in Search Console. Here is it in detail.

So What Has Happened?

Geotargeting was set up for Pakistan in the Search Console initially. If that’s on purpose or something they want, it is acceptable. But If you wish to create a generic English-speaking news website, you should generally disable geotargeting. So it may be anything that might assist you.

Mueller suggests turning off international targeting in Search Console. It is a better way to target a worldwide audience with your website.

“When it comes to search, I would turn it off if you want to target nations other than Pakistan, such as a broad English-speaking news site.”


Because that has the potential to influence highly. It also concentrates heavily on Pakistan while focusing slightly less on other countries. The period it takes for the change to appear in Google’s search results is anything from a week to many months. It is because the site in question disseminates news material. Its update is more likely to appear sooner than other sites while searching for results.

Mueller believes it would be a little faster than usual in terms of a news website. Since, with a news website, we would focus on the newer stuff and with unique content. We would also notice the setting very rapidly. So definitely on the shorter side for news websites, we are unknown to all the processes associated with changing geotargeting settings.”

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In General, Other Factors Influencing Search Ranking – [Geotargeting]

Here are the two factors to consider in determining how geography influences search ranking. 

  1. the local pack 
  2. country domain extensions.

The local 3-pack is a box that appears for most local searches and offers three nearby company results. As before stated, the 3-pack employs a different algorithm to assess geographical relevance.

google local 3-pack
google local 3-pack

While ranking in organic search positions is the primary aim for search engine specialists, this essential tool should not be overlooked. In most local searches, the 3-pack displays before any organic search results, leading to a high amount of clicks.

The local pack prioritizes the following factors:

  • Distance from the search place, 
  • Google My Business Category Associations, 
  • Product/Service Keyword, and 
  • the completeness of the Google My Business profile. 

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The website is considered ratings, but the location is the most important. It would help if you also thought about nation domain extensions. If your website has the “.us” domain, it may be more challenging to rank in other countries. In general, adhere to the most used domain extensions and avoid location-based ones.

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