Google Killed Them, But They Clawed Back With 50% Off

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Rafael, a client of mine own an online family-run small business.

They applied a strong SEO strategy early on, which helped them dominate the search.

But Google March’s algorithm update hit them like a ton of bricks.
They used to be the top result for many high volume-high KD keywords.
But now they were not even in the top 20.

The drastic decline in clicks was steeper than a Bitcoin crash after Elon Musk’s negative tweet about it.

In a desperate attempt to get his business on track.

Like most small business owners, Rafael Redwood did what was expected.

He pressed all the panic buttons and went haywire

He started to redo everything he could think of.

He re-optimized their entire website.

Bought PPC ads.

And even hired a new SEO team.

But all these plans backfired and only made matters worse.

But it’s not Rafael’s fault.

When you see Google’s rank drops so low that you can no longer see your website..

When you’re not even sure how to and what to check anymore.

When you go to Google and type in your product name or your company.And nothing shows up at all.You check it again.You check it again, and again, and again.

And each time, nothing shows up on the search results page

No results, just blankness.

That’s when that sinking feeling sets in.

It’s not just frustrating—it’s devastating!

Your business depends on people finding you online.

And if they can’t find you there… well… then how will they ever find you?

Rafael knew this.

And when all else failed, and nothing seemed to work.

They ran a comprehensive SEO audit, revealing the major drop was due to bad backlinks.

That’s when they decided to try our Diversity backlinks services.

The outcome?To be honest…it was a long, hard battle,

But they’ve managed to claw their way back up.

They not only recovered from the algorithm update.

But also managed to leave their competition in the dust again.

But you may think.

How did diversity backlinks help them if they had already tried everything SEO?

Let me explain why…If you’re an SEO, you will know how it feels to be one when Google drops new algorithm updates.

The entire SEO community is on edge in the weeks after the release.

Everything in the SEO realm is uncertain at those times.

You don’t know if you will survive this one without getting any major hits.

And every time you think you have handled the latest changes.

There’s another one right around the corner.

It’s like a game of cat and mouse.

And let me tell ya—it isn’t fun when it feels like you’re always playing catch-up!

Every algorithm updates results in thousands of businesses getting massive ranking hits.

Some survive.

But most hear it from the big G like the folks on the first wave of Omaha Beach heard it from Germans.

That’s why we thought we needed to do something about this.

We can’t rely only on hopes & prayers every time Google drops an update.

We needed to design a shield of protection that would protect us from the uncertainty of Google algo updates.

An SEO safety net that would help businesses bounce back after an update hits.

And after two years of thorough research and carefully analyzing every Google algo update and rank change.

Our SEO engineers came up with Diversity Subscriptions.

A backlink package specifically designed to do nothing but just these two things:

1. To help businesses hit by Google get back on their footing again.

2. To protect you against future Google penalties and algo changes.

Two years since the diversity subscriptions are live, it has helped over 76 small and medium size businesses get back up after an algo hit.

So if you’ve been hit by Google.

First, take a deep breath—it’s going to be okay!
Let’s get you through this ringer and get you on top again!.

Just crossing our fingers and hoping for the best when Google drops the next update won’t cut it.

Diversity subscription is for you if:

YOU miss being on top since an algo update hit you

YOU don’t want to be sitting duck for the next big update

So, let’s….

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