Google Now Offers Page Experience Update For Desktop Search Results

google page experience update
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Google Page Experience Update was announced last November. Since then, everyone has had an idea of it being released and impacting mobile search results.

And with the release of this update in mid-June, publishers have been working on updating their sites. To match the specifications and requirements of the Page Experience Update for mobiles.

Will The Page Experience Update Apply Differently To Mobile And Desktop?

But it was on the 18th of May 2021, a product manager of Google, Mr. Jeffrey Jose, announced that Google Page Experience Update would be limited to mobile phones.

But the vision is to apply the same in Desktop search results. He made this important announcement at the annual developer conference held in California by Google called Google I/O.

google page experience
Google page experience

During his preparation for the Page Experience Ranking in the presentation, he was delighted to announce that the most awaited Page Experience Update will not be confined within the specifications of mobiles. Rather, the entire team of Google has been working hard to bring that to the desktops as well in no time.

As per Jeffrey Jose, the update is going to be released for mobiles around the mid of June. They believe that Page Experience will be a critical step irrespective of the platform used for accessing the web.

That is the key factor pushing them to work harder every day. To enable the ranking according to the Page Experience in desktops as soon as possible.

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When Does Google’s Page Experience Update Launch?

The release of the Google Page Experience update for mobiles will be around the mid of June. It is highly expected that the same will roll out for Desktop search in the near future.

page experience
Page Experience

Hence it is high time for all the publishers of the websites to focus on updating the contents. As per the Page Experience Update guidelines and requirements for desktops now as they did for mobiles.

Also, according to Jeffrey Jose, Google will provide all the documents prior to the release of the update.

Steps Taken By Google

To the relief of the publishers of the websites and SEOs, Mr. Jeffrey Jose also stated that Google will actively take the necessary steps as always. To ensure that all the updated guidelines, required and important documents, and tools needed to help the pages perform well will be provided throughout the way of transit.

It is safe to assume that there will be some differences in the set of requirements. Also, criteria between the Google Page Experience Update of mobile and a Desktop.

In fact, this definitely makes some sense as there is always a huge difference in the user’s expectations when browsing a page from a desktop compared to that on mobile.

At the same time, there is also a difference in the loading procedure of a website on a desktop with that of a mobile.


All these differences, along with the final statements of Mr. Jose, give us a clear indication of the presence of difference in the standards set for Google Page Experience Update.

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