Google Search Console Performance Reports are Now Back to Normal

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In a blog post on May 31, Google announced another ten wins in the Search Console Performance Report for its Search Console Network Platform. Specifically, Google gives a comprehensive answer to why this has happened.

From there, it expands to discuss Search Console rankings, Search Console improvements, and how it will impact users and advertisers. Search Console Performance reports are updated weekly and not pulled from Google’s Search Console Network Platform. So, Google Search Console Performance Reports are Now Back to Normal.

Google Search Console Performance Reports

For most instances, Google Search Console indicates performance updates behind the scenes for its search algorithm and Searches Console Network.
As in the blog post, Google tries to answer a couple of questions:

  1. What’s actually happening in the API?
  2. What’s the data source?

Search Console reports have been generally positive relative to what was reported above, and Google offers some of its insight into how its Search Console Network performs.

They show you the results of our bid aggregation for every bid we’ve seen that is in the Search Console. On Search Console, we all know our server loads information and splits it into two camps: bid-based and bid-unpredictable. But the Search Console can actually learn which bid is better for this combination of products.

For example, when its price is unusually low, or the bid number seems to be off, the Search Console automatically selects the bid-unpredictable combination, which means our bid runs more successfully than the bid-based one.

google search console performance report
Google Search Console

The question about relevancy and tracking may be more difficult to handle. Google discusses a solution to that. In particular, a bid-outgroup would handle that as a separate data source rather than seeing the aggregate results of bids given a search query and bid number.

Search Console can also monitor changes to bid “restrictions” to help advertisers understand the changes to return bid totals.

In this work, we identify real-time revenue changes. Only a fraction of the relevant sets can be analyzed in a back-end dashboard, which needs improvement. All Business Activity Reports contain related business data and enhancements made in things like scoring operations.

Search Console has been our primary response to corporate buyers. Their query volume data is actually not nearly enough to identify real revenues changes in Search Console.


Attireability uses a powerful, marketing-enhancing set of options to help you monitor your paid ads in Google Search. You can edit and manage white-label reports, which helps you make customers less confused. We’re confident in the fact that advertisers will pay your attention. Your data quality and deliverability will show improvement.

Your entire search experience will be enhanced by letting advertisers know when you’re making changes to the displays. This should also show them that you care about their needs. And when you do your regular keyword searches on Paid Search, you’ll see Product Display, Product Bidding, or Performance Report layout.

Search Console Reporting

When it comes to Search Console reporting, it’s free. We know this is better for the user, but like any line of code, we need to know how long it will take to run. A navigation tab can help us figure that out.

On a Website, you have the option to change two options — Search Console View and Search Console Channels. When you want to set up a Notification alert to tell your SEO team of your Search Console performance, you can change it there.

search console
Search Console

We can also give you notifications regarding changes in your bid (and previous bid), bid items to lower or improve, upcoming bid updates, and set up new bids automatically if you’ve had a chance. Search Console performance reports show many or all of these things.

Even if you’re having issues accessing Search Console reports from within the Google search console dashboard, you may be able to edit and assign your search engine keywords to the Search Console Ads page for a view of bid data. We will also show alerts every 5 minutes as the test results come in, but for SEO and search.

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