Google Suggestions For Ranking Product Pages

ranking product pages
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In a podcast, Google’s senior employee John Mueller discussed tips for improving search visibility and ranking for product pages.

ranking product pages
Ranking Product Pages

The person who asked the inquiry created content that ranked, but those pages had no bearing on the product pages’ search exposure. Mueller opined on what should be done.

What To Do If Blog Pages Rank Well But Not Product Pages

The individual who asked the query explained how he creates blog content that ranks highly but does not help the products page rank well. He inquired as to what could be done to improve the ranking of product pages.

The guy told Mueller that he works as an SEO consultant for an eCommerce company. That is only eight months old and has a total of 30,40 products.

He went on to say that they offer green tea and herbal tea online and that he has noticed some progress as a result of their efforts, which include a regular back-linking procedure, On-Page SEO, and structured data. However, he claims that his efforts are paying off because their products page does not rank.

ranking product pages
Ranking Product Pages

Ranking product pages, according to Mueller, could be problematic. People may believe that obtaining links to a product page is practically hard, according to him. However, unless those pages are pushed, they will struggle to achieve top rankings.

Use Google Shopping Feed

Mueller urges users to use the Google shopping feed because some of the information can appear in organic search results.

google shopping feed
Google Shopping Feed

He stated that if you have products on any eCommerce site, you must properly set up all of the merchants because Google has a Shopping Feed in many countries where businesses may submit their products for free and appear in the Shopping Search results.

Optimizing Internal Linking

Following that, Mueller advised against linking to all product pages. He went on to say that if you have long blog pieces that are ranking, the temptation to link to a lot of different items from there could be a problem.

And by connecting to a variety of things, you’re effectively stating that everything is somewhat helpful, but nothing is truly relevant.

optimizing internal linking
Optimizing Internal Linking

When you link to a few products from those pages, you can honestly state that these are critical products.

Linking Important Products

Mueller then proposed that instead of linking to all products, you connect to the strategically significant ones. And this is an area where you don’t necessarily need to focus on items that are currently ranking poorly but instead on essential things.

linking important products
Linking Important Products

So, if you have some products that you make the most money from, or that are the most popular, or that are the easiest to sell, those are the kinds of things that you can advertise a little bit using internal linking. And, if you have a lot of internal linking, the rankings of those product pages may alter over time.


In the podcast, John Mueller explained how you can improve the ranking for product pages. He suggested using Google shopping fees, linking only to relevant products, and not avoiding linking. Mueller also talked about the optimization of internal linking.

If you have gone through the post steadily, you must have learned how to improve your ranking for product pages. So, you can implement the changes suggested by Mueller to improve your rankings. 

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