How Google Reviews Impact Map Pack And Organic Search Rankings

google reviews
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When it comes to where a business appears in the Map Pack and what position it obtains in localized search engine results pages, there are some variances in how Google reads ratings. According to WhiteSpark’s analysis, reviews account for 17 percent of positions in the Map Pack but only 5% of local organic ranking.

Local organic rankings are based on a broader mix of on-site and off-site characteristics. Whereas, Map Pack rankings are based on the content of a Google Business Profile page. Regardless of the percentages, testimonials have a significant role in how enterprises appear in organic and paid search results.

google reviews
google reviews

Several of the experts in Whitespark’s report identified working on “Keywords in Google Native Reviews” and “Quantity of Native Google Reviews” as 2 categories they will be focusing on to increase visibility in 2022.

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Where Should I Look For Recommendations?

Google reviews given through a Google Business Homepage are the most valuable reviews for many local businesses.

Reviews and ratings account for 57.5 percent of all virtual local reviews, according to ReviewTrackers, with Facebook reviews accounting for 19 percent. Acquiring feedback on industry-specific or regionally focused websites may be beneficial to specialized firms.

What Is The Best Way To Get Reviews?

“72 percent of US consumers have posted a review for a local business”. According to Bright local’s 2020 study, implying that most customers are likely to leave a review if they’ve had a favorable or sometimes poor experience. As a result, the most natural way to acquire (positive) feedback is to give them review-worthy items and services simply.


If you’ve successfully supplied a product or service, don’t be hesitant to ask your clients for feedback directly. Some businesses send review requests to customers by text or email shortly after they make a purchase. Or use a service, or finish an appointment.

what is best way to get google reviews
what is best way to get google reviews

Some firms add connections to their Google Business Page, Facebook page, or other online sites in their digital or paper bills. There are innovations and products available to help small firms, which are often short on resources. They automate requesting and responding to post-delivery reviews to ensure that it is done consistently.


Clearly showcase banners, labels, or links to your desired review sources on your key online sites. Such as your webpage, shopping cart, and email signature, so that your customers can easily offer feedback. Consider doing some offline promotion and soliciting feedback. This can entail posting a link to a review site on your front doorway or near your cash register in a retail setting.

It’s a great idea to propose they cite the item, company, venue, or other specifics linked to the review. Therefore, irrespective of where you ask them to do so.

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The Digital World Is Made Up Of Social Proof

Regardless of the media, one thing that has rarely altered is that people prefer to do business with people and businesses they can trust. They frequently enlist the help of family, acquaintances. Also neighbors to verify the company’s legitimacy they are contemplating.


Online reviews are merely an expansion of this process to the relatively new internet medium, where current consumer journeys are increasingly taking place. Google recognizes this and rewards those businesses who obtain, and respond to their customer with improved organic search visibility.

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