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I read a story the other day about Lady Gaga that highlights a challenge you might face with SEO.

You see, she ran a highly profitable show in Las Vegas this fall, but it ended with a costly hiccup.

By one report, she grossed $19 million from over 60,000 fans who attended 11 shows.

About $1.7 million a show by my count.


And yet, she had to cancel one of her last shows because she got bronchitis.

Her fans were bummed. And so was she.

Plus, who knows how much revenue was lost on that?

Possibly over a million dollars.

All because of one case of bronchitis!

Moral of the story?

Concerts, like websites, need lots of traffic for profits. And any hiccups along the way, whether bronchitis or broken backlinks, will throw a wrench into your efforts to monetize.

One big hiccup you might face is NOT maximizing your SEO potential for traffic.


So If you’re not optimizing, you could get dinged for lacking backlinks. Or you could be struggling to cope with the updates Google rolls out.

Either way, the good news is this:

It’s possible to fix these. But it takes a certain level of knowledge and experience to get there.

While to a newbie SEO might seem like magic, to a professional there’s a method to it.

Thing is though…

Certain strategies only work well if you know what you’re doing.

We have updated our Lady Gaga package to 9.0 version to stay in line with latest Tactics to dominate Google Search Results.

So if you want to get raving fans to your website like Lady Gaga gets to her concerts, check out our special on my newest package LADY GAGA 9.0.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside one option of the Lady Gaga Google Rider package:

  • 3 Copyscape Passed Articles
  • 20+ Social Shares Across 10+ Platforms
  • 20 Edu Links
  • 60 High DA Profiles
  • Plus indexing techniques and more!


You guys can ask your questions in comments!

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