SEO For Your Facebook Page – Ranking It Right on Top of Google Search

Optimizing FACEBOOK Pages
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There are several tips you can apply to improve SEO of your facebook page.

Just like your website page, you need to improve the on page and Off Page SEO of your Facebook page so that it can rank high on search engines from where you can generate traffic.

Not all tactics you can apply can work well in improving the SEO, you need to go for only proven tactics which can work well in improving your Facebook page ranking.

Ideally You should only focus on white hat tactics which will improve the ranking and assure you sustainability. Some of the benefits you enjoy after you manage to improve the search engine ranking of your Facebook page include increase in traffic which will reflect positively on the conversion rate.

Lets dive into How to Improve the Google Ranking of Your Facebook Page

Use Your Brand or Business Name in Tittles:

The tittle of your Facebook page gets ranked by search engines. If you would like to boost your brand online, you need to craft the Facebook page tittle in such a way it contains your brand name.

SEO Facebook

Use the brand name in tabs, labeling headings and tittles so that you can rank on the brand names which will boost your business growth. If your brand is popular, then people will easily share your Facebook page which will increase natural links and even better ranking on search engines.

Links From Multiple Sources:

You need links from trusted sources.

If your Facebook page is about a given topic, then getting backlinks from other Facebook pages in the same niche will make search engines consider your page more relevant. The backlinks should be obtained from different sources.


Get both do follow and no follow links from social media platforms as well as from other authority sites in the industry. There are several ways you can generate the links naturally. Among the methods you can utilize include guest posting where you provide your Facebook page URL as the source and content marketing strategies.


Avoid Hiding Content From Search Engines:

There are some times when you create content but you would only like your fans to see hence you apply fan gate to discourage Google from ranking it.


It will be hard to rank your Facebook page if you are fond of applying the gates. Allow Google to crawl your page freely and it will lead to higher rankings.


Use SEO Rich Text in Appropriate Places:

Putting text in your social media images tend to attract a lot of attention from the social media users. Search engines will not parse images hence they will not tell the type of text you have in images.



The SEO rich text should be applied in info tabs, about sections and within the text.

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Even though you should focus on using text in places where they can be ranked by search engines, you should as well apply them within the text where they will attract many viewers. Remember Facebook is a social media platform and the focus should be more towards attracting as many viewers as possible.

Optimize Your Multimedia:

You can achieve a lot if you can focus on optimizing multimedia in your Facebook page optimization. If you can focus on optimizing videos, you will see a great improvement on your rankings.

off page SEO For FB Pages


The video titles are highly regarded by search engines hence you should focus on making them count for your Facebook SEO efforts to bear fruits. You can as well optimize videos you share on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube by optimizing their titles accordingly.

Create a Facebook Page Which Connects Well With People:

People will not dwell on your Facebook page if it is not interesting. The main focus of your Facebook page should be towards making people want to read it more and more.

Optimizing FACEBOOK Pages

If you only focus on SEO and ignore the usability of the page, then you risk people abandoning your page which will not serve the main purpose of creating a Facebook page.


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Try to create a Facebook page which will connect well with people so that they can be interested in reading your page. Remember if you can make people dwell more on the page, it will be easy to implement other SEO tactics which will lead your page to ranking high.

Post Interesting Content on a Regular Basis:

Google favors websites where fresh content is posted on a timely manner. The algorithm which ranks the website is the same which applies to your Facebook page.

facebook seo tips

If you can post content regularly on your website, it will increase news feed visibility as well as attracting your visitors which will make Google rank your face book page high. Try to always remain relevant to your industry so that the content you post will create an impact in attracting more viewers.

Claim Your Vanity URL:

Search engines such as Google use word within your url as one of the signals to rank your page. Facebook offers custom urls which replaces the user profile ID.

facebook search engine optimization

In order to get keywords you would like to rank used in the Facebook page which increase chances of ranking high in such keywords, then you will need to take time and claim your unique URL. It involves simple steps and Facebook will allow you have the desired keywords in the URL so that search engines can crawl and rank the page accordingly.

Complete Your Profile:

You need to complete the Facebook page profile.

optimize facebook business page

It is from the profile where search engines will get information such as the type of business you are involved, location among other details which the search engines will utilize to rank your page accordingly.

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The phone number, address and other personal details should be exact match of the details you have used on the main site.

Get a Local Verification Badge:

To Improve the Google ranking of your Facebook page, you need to have the page ranked high on Facebook itself from where other people will know about it and create backlinks and shares which can then boost the page.

facebook rankings seo

Applying for a local verification badge makes your Facebook page get ranked high in a given location; the high visibility can then lead to high rankings on search engines.

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