The Evolution of .EDU Links Pyramid: A Journey from Struggle to Success at 55% Off

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I started 11 years ago, but last night this simple screenshot made me very emotional…

I remember back in 2013, like many SEOs I knew of that time, I was barely scraping by.

But deep down, I had this burning ambition to be the SEO king, you know? To really master the craft.

And then, there it was, in that screenshot.

It had a Zutrix graph with a line shooting up like a freaking rocket.

See that sharp line in the graph zooming upwards like a rocket?

That’s when my Flying Dragon kicked in, and everything changed!

I can finally stand tall and say, “Hey, I made it with SEO.”

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I believe my Flying Dragon package is clearly making magic happen, and to see it reflected in my clients’ results is so gratifying.

But it didn’t just happen out of the blue sky.

We at Samblogs, are in the backlinks game for 11 years now and The Flying Dragon package is the fruit of that experience.

It’s one our backlink packages that we created when we sat down with all of our experts and thought what could possibly be the deadliest and one of the most amazing tiered-type combo of backlinks.

But why does it work?

First of all it boosts a three pack punch..

● 20 First-tier High DA Edu Backlinks
● 20 First-tier High Quality Web 2.0 submissions
● 28 Social Media signals from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and 10 other Top Social media networks.

That’s a Combo of
Direct to money site backlinks!

Are you starting to see the reason for almost instant steep graph above?

But it’s not just this…

To support the first tier backlinks, we built a complex network of 2nd tier backlinks.

Here’s what it includes:

● 5 web 2.0 submissions toward edu links
● 30 approved articles submissions
● 40 high PR Bookmarks
● 40 forum profiles
● 14 second tier social media shares from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and 11 other top Social Media networks.

Didn’t I tell you already, it’s a brilliantly complex tiered network of backlinks!

Still if Google doesn’t find your links…it’s all for nothing.

That’s why we don’t just create backlinks and call it a day.

We finish the job with indexing those links with:

– 2k wiki blasts
– Submissions
– Ping

You see we didn’t simply toss paint at the wall and hope it would magically turn into the Mona Lisa.

It’s a well thought
Carefully designed system
Articulated for SEO success in 2024!
We’ve Got an EVEN better deal for You!

Here’s what’s on offer:

Get Up To 55% Off
And Change The Game For Your Website
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So don’t waste your chance and be another one of our happy customer with a steep traffic graph.

Aka Sam

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