The SEO world after ChatGPT

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SEO and quality backlinks to rank websites have been around since Google itself.

But now AI & ChatGPT are in the mix.

Things seem to change.

So if you are an SEO or somebody who creates quality backlinks… 

Riddle me this:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how scared are you of ChatGPT?

I know it’s like a 15 for most SEOs.

If you are terrified of the Ai, ChatGPT, and what the future holds… 

Read on! 

This email might change your mind.

If you’re not as scared as everyone else.

It’s still worth a read.

I know..

People are freaked out.

Everyone and their grandma think AI and ChatGPT will steal their jobs and leave them out in the cold.

And rightly so.

ChatGPT is the latest craze to hit town.

Everybody’s raving about its language processing and response generation abilities.

The internet has literally exploded since the launch of ChatGPT3.

People are more obsessed with ChatGPT than a kid with a new toy.

And you know what’s wild?

ChatGPT gained a massive 100 million users in just a month! 

That’s insane! 

Even Twitter and Facebook couldn’t grow that fast.

It’s down most of the time because too many people are using it.

Who would’ve thought that one day, humans would be eagerly queuing up to chat with a bot?

And then, as if that wasn’t enough.

There’s the never-ending social buzz about it.

You can’t scroll for 3 seconds without a Linkedin guru talking about it.

Twitter is rife with tweets about it.

Heck, even Elon Musk had to join in and tweet about it.

It’s getting so ridiculous…there’s now even a new job market.

Supposedly called the ‘prompt engineers.’

And people are already selling courses for it.

So you get it. It’s no surprise people are freaked out.

It’s only natural.

But the question still remains…

Will ChatGPT replace you?

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

But let’s not talk in big words and how ChatGPT uses NLP and advanced stuff to work its magic.


Let’s talk in examples. 

You see.. 

We all know ChatGPT is a great research tool.

Probably the greatest ever produced.

So yes, it can give you good enough research in a flash for a prompt like: 

‘Pain points of small business owners’ 

It will come up with points like Financial Constraints and Managing Cash Flow etc. 

Nothing more than a skin-deep!

But can ChatGPT conduct a hyper-specific study about the pain points of the same prompt?

Can it bring out super-thorough details about cell phone repair businesses?

Can it clue you in on inside facts like cell phone repair businesses like to upsell screen protectors and covers?

Can ChatGPT find out the biggest problem with cell phone business owners is that they don’t know how to price their services?

I hardly think so.

Let’s go over another example..

Yes, ChatGPT and other AI tools can write some great content.

But can it write a landing page stuffed with super persuasive words that would make you want to become a lead?

I have my doubts.


AI can write good informative content for blogs.

But can it get it ranked by high-quality backlinks?

Backlinks that move the needle on your SEO game?

Backlinks from the highest DA website.


A big hairy NO.

– Great in-depth market research requires something more than an AI tool, people who understand the niche in and out.

– Lead magnet landing pages are written by elite copywriters having years of experience on their backs to know what works and what doesn’t. 

 And backlinks?

Well, let me tell you… 

Great backlinks don’t just happen. 

There’s nothing like having a real human on your team when you are creating backlinks.

While AI might rule the world someday.

For now, you still need us humans to help you out.

So, if your website needs a little more love.

And if you’re trying to score some awesome backlinks….

Don’t get lumbered with bad links. 

We’ve got the good stuff.

Our backlink services, like “PBN-X,” are the cream of the crop.


I know there are tons of automated backlink services. 

PBN-X has been put to the test against every type of algorithm, tool, and manual service out there.

And we always come out on top.

Because we know..

Nothing can replace the Human Touch when it comes to creating backlinks.

That’s a piece of advice you can take to the bank.

We use our human expertise to create a custom strategy that no machine could ever replicate.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to backlinking – 

Let our team of human experts create a strategy that’s tailored just for you.

And you’ll demolish the most ironclad SERPs.. I personally guarantee it.

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