10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages

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Setting up a high-performance website that ranks top on all major search engines is not complicated as you might think.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one tested and proven method that has been used by highly ranked websites to generate traffic for their e-commerce product pages. 

However, optimizing your e-commerce product pages is but one factor that contributes to a high ranking. Factors that affect user experience play an equally or even bigger role towards the ranking of your e-commerce pages. Astonished? Well, there is even more that comes from a great user experience.

An e-commerce product page that offers excellent user experience generates a high volume of sale as well as conversion.

It is now evident that a high performing e-commerce webpage requires a combination of factors that include being able to provide great user experience, well optimized for conversations, is SEO friendly, and facilitate easy and effective crawl by search engines.
How do you incorporate all these factors together?

Well,  here are 10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages that will instantly increase your traffic as well as sales in less than 60 days. 

These are easy to follow and implement tips are presented in a stepwise manner for ease of understanding.

1. Product URL Optimization:

Product URL optimization grabs the attention of both the search engine and the users in equal measures. Wondering how? It’s quite simple. URL has some specific features that enhance user experience and ease of crawl by the search engine.
A well-optimized URL such as http://www.example.com/products/ipad-9.7inch informs the user that the URL leads to an e-commerce page with iPad 9.7 than http://www.example.com/products/ id=36? 546.

A properly optimized URL helps:

• The user to easily understand what is on the page before clicking the URL.
• Having the product name and features in the URL makes the search engine understand.
• Enhance readability among the users.

In order to effectively optimize the URL for your e-commerce websites you have to:

• Add product name, attributes, and characteristics
• Avoid unnecessary characters and use short, concise, and descriptive characters.
• Use the hyphen ’–’ to indicate the different sections of the URL.
• Lowercase characters are to be used.
• Avoid the use of “a,” “an,” and “the.”

2. Meta description Optimization:

The meta description is yet another way to enhance the ranking of your e-commerce web page. It’s a pro tip that is sure to enhance your traffic and sales.

  How do you go about it? You will be surprised to learn that Meta description has no or less coding than it sounds. It involves writing a concise product description with not more than 65 characters.  

Here is how to write a well optimized Meta description.

• Provide a unique and a precise description of every single e-commerce page that has product pages.
• The description should be accurate and less than 160 characters.
• Should include the keyword as well as the product name.
• Where possible add benefits such as free shipping.

Ensure that your products description are unique across websites and within the pages of your websites. What is the danger of duplicating content? The search engine will ignore your content and you will be ranked poorly.

3. Content Optimization:

Content optimization can boost your e-commerce pages as it makes it easy for the engine to locate the keyword. How do you optimize your content?

• Come up with a list of keywords and naturally incorporate them in the text and headings without stuffing the keywords unnecessarily.
• Include the keyword only 3-5 times within the text but use related keywords as well.
• You can link the products to your page to other sites but only when necessary as this can drive away traffic to other websites.

4. Using videos to optimize your e-commerce webpage:

Online love videos especially when they are original, unique, and has some touch of humor. You can turn this to your advantage to increase conversions and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

There are three ways that you can use videos for optimization and they include:
• Uploading video to sites that host videos like YouTube and not directly to your site. Then once uploaded embed the video to your e-commerce pages
• Submit a video sitemap to Google
• Use video schema markup to wrap your original videos

5. Use product rating and reviews:

Products review uses the concept of mass psychology. Users tend to convert when they read other positive reviews of other users who purchased that similar product. Add a star ratings below and when a user click they are taken to the bottom of the page.

Have the reviews that are rich in content, should be in active tabs with latest reviews being at the top. Only post genuine reviews.

6. Use cross-selling to optimize the e-commerce pages:

Cross-selling involves adding the related products to what you are selling at the bottom of your page.

It generate more sales as it suggest to the users other related products that you are selling. Poplar e-commerce sites use cross-selling to increase their sales.

7. User generated content:

If you are wondering what user generated content is, then it is the question and answers found at the bottom of your page. How can you use user generated content effectively?

• Disable links and do not allow users to add links to avoid your site being spammed
• Check the content before publishing the user generated content
• Have only 4 to 5 relevant Q&A content.

8. Optimizing your product title:

You should target your product title in such a way that the user is able to understand what your e-commerce page is offering at a glance.

This will require you to combine your product details and keywords in less than 60 characters.

9. Image optimization:

Adding images to your e-commerce page is must use trick for higher conversion. Here are some tips you should know on image optimization.

• Only use high quality relevant images
• Use image file names that are legible for ease of management and reference
• You are likely to be ranked highly in Google image search when you use relevant image files

10. Enhance usability by optimizing the breadcrumb menu:

Breadcrumb menu is effective and increases the number of click-through rates (CTRs) because greatly promote the presentation of the entire snippet. It helps search engine to understand your content. Also the users can understand more of your e-commerce page by looking at your breadcrumb menu.


Understanding product optimization is an effective way to enhance your traffic to your page as well as conversions. Highly effective SEO optimizing requires you to combine major factors that include enhancing the user experience, product representation, target high conversion, and finally should be search engine friendly.

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