5 Things to Check Before You Buy Aged Domains

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I have been into Domain buying from quite a long period now. I have set up various blog network for my own affiliate sites. First time when I set up my network, the results were mind boggling to me. And from there on, I tweaked my check list quite a lot. If you are into domain buying ( Not only for blog network, sometimes you want to have a old domain in your niche to rank it faster), You Must listen and follow these 5 crucial advice which can be very vital.



PR- Fake Or Real?

People may say that PR does not matter any more but for me, It always lurked in the back ground of my mind. If you are buying high PR domains, You must make sure, if the PR is fake or real.

First, You need to have  a google tool bar and if it shows the Same PR as you see at the auction site, it passes the first filter.

Second, You go to google.com and put  this phrase in the search bar:

info: domainIamabouttobuy.com

The result would appear, If its from the same domain ( domainIamabouttobuy.com), the PR is real. If some new domain appears, the PR is not real.




Dropped Domains?

Domains are reset to their original if somebody do not renew them after a certain time.  i use domaintools.com to check, how many time a domain has been dropped. I do not suggest you to buy a domain which had dropped more than 3 times. this is one of the screenshot, I got for one expiring domain.





Over a period of time, PR is loosing its value. And people are developing an aversion to PR. Further More, Google do not update its PR tool bar so often. So PA/DA ( Metrics from Moz) have become crucial lately.

These are my minimum stats for PA/DA:

PA >= 25

I use Mozcheck for Bulk PA/DA check.


Back Links:

Though I am putting this as 4th point, But this one is most important aspect of buying Aged Domains. I have had real success in ranking sites because of those domains which has great back links to them. First, I would like to check if the back links are clean. Nobody would like to have a spammed to death domain.

If they are clean, I would move to my second filter.There are few gold rules regarding back links which I have followed.

PR1= Minimum 20 Referring domains + Minimum one back link from Actual PR 2 Page

PR2= Minimum 30 Referring domains + Minimum one back link from Actual PR 3 Page

PR3= Minimum 40 Referring domains + Minimum one back link from Actual PR 4 Page

PR4= Minimum 60 Referring domains + Minimum one back link from Actual PR 5 Page

PR5= Minimum 80 Referring domains + Minimum one back link from Actual PR 6 Page

PR6= Minimum 100 Referring domains + Minimum Two back link from Actual PR 6 Page


Domain History:

Its very important part of domain buying. I would not like to buy a domain with bed reputation. For example, I would not like to have a domain to rank my “Instagram Niche” which was previously a escort site. I would not like to buy a domain which redirected to some other in the past.

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