Building A Blog Network You Can Be Proud of

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Do you Chicken out, when it comes to Building a Blog Network? If, YES, You must gear up your self for it. Riding on the back of strong algorithm updates, Google is going stronger and if you want to rank higher, You must know how to Build a network for you niche.

In last post, we discussed, things to consider while buying aged domain , In this post, I would go few step further and we would see how to stitch things together.


How Many Blogs are Sufficient?

Really hard one to answer! You cant be sure what would make your rank. I ranked a competitive PPD niche with just 5 blogs ( I will write a blog post about it later) and then it took me 15  blogs to rank a medium competitive term in

Here’s the rule of thumb I use.

Easy to Moderate Niche:  5-10 Blogs   (Minimum ONE PR 6 , PA/DA>40)

Moderate to Difficult Niche: 10-16 Blogs (Minimum TWO PR 6 , PA/DA>40)

Difficult to Difficult+ Niche= 20+ Blogs  (Minimum Three PR 6 , PA/DA>40)


I normally use Godaddy Auction to buy my Blog. I use this site ( for scrapping results from Godaddy Auction.

Based on the parameter which we discussed in the last post, It normally takes me 10-15 days to get all the domains in my account.

Lets dive into Building a network, You an be proud of !




Whois Protected:

Whois protection is the very first thing, I choose. It would cost you a bit but i would not advice you to waste your hard earned domains without protecting them with whois.



Normally they are two views regarding hosting.  Hosting on Multiple Hosts or Hosting with SEO companies?

If you choose the later, It would make the management of the network very easy. And If you put all of your domains on different hosts, It would be a task to manage the network. You always have a higher risk with SEO hosting companies.

I use MIX of above. For a 20 blogs Network. I would use 10 blogs on a SEO host. and spread the rest of 10 on different hosting companies.



I had great experience with Dedicated IPs when compared with Shared IPs. They have given me faster and stable ranking. I would recommend going for Dedicated IPs any day.


No of Posts:

Google ranks site based on the relevancy. So if you putting up a niche specif network. I would say dont post irrelevant garbage in it.

And dont put outbound links in each and every article you post. Keep the no of posts around 12 max.

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