PIGEON Update- What’s There For You?

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So finally we have a new Name to talk about. Google has not officially announced as Pigeon Update. Its the new name given by Search Engine Land.

Here are few things about Pigeon Update:

1. Its targeted for Local Search Results.

2. Its not a penalty update.


Changes You Might Expect/See:

1. We used to have local listing packs ( pack of 7) for so many keywords. You will not see them very often now. A huge no of webmasters have reported that they dont see the pack of 7 for their keywords now. Thought they are not permanently removed from search results but they appear a lot than they used to appear.

2.  You might see a change in traffic because of change of ranking in local listings. It can be plus or minus change for you.

3. You might find Yelp and other local directories a lot more in search results. Its  a good sign.

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