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recover from an algorithmic penalty

Google Answers How Long To Recover From An Algorithmic Penalty

It’s difficult to bounce back from an algorithmic penalty. Depending on the extent of the penalty, the recovery period may vary significantly. Know how long it takes to recover from an algorithmic penalty. However, with the proper knowledge and a solid understanding of Google’s algorithms, it is possible to recover quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn more about algorithmic

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web light webpage transcoding

Google Retires Web Light Webpage Transcoding

Google Retires Web Light Webpage Transcoding – Bye-Bye to Faster Web Pages! Google has retired its Web Light Webpage Transcoding service, which aims to provide users with faster Webpages.  This service was launched in 2014 and allowed users to experience Webpages faster by compressing Webpages and removing heavy content.  Google has decided to retire this service, but users can still

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cost of living assistance

Google Helps To Find Cost Of Living Assistance

Google has unveiled a new service that will assist users in locating cost of living assistance in their neighborhood. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extensive economic hardship and increased demand for financial aid. This is prevalent among many people and families, making this feature extraordinarily pertinent and topical. Read on as we tell you how Google is helping. See Also:

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google search is getting worse

Ex-Googler Answers – Why Google Search Is Getting Worse

In a recent episode of the Freakonomics podcast, Marissa Mayer, a former executive at Google, addressed whether or not Google Search is getting worse. And we all agree with what she says. See Also: Google Search Ranking and Popup Banners A Little Background On Marissa Mayer And Why Her Opinion Matters One of the most critical individuals behind Google’s growth

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in-video search

Google Debuts New Search Technology With In-Video Search

Google has revolutionized how we search for information on the internet, and now they have taken it one step further with their new search technology.  With the debut of in-video search, users can now search within videos to find exactly what they are looking for.  Google’s new search technology is an innovative way to find the information you need more

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