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google's core web vitals

New Core Web Vitals Metric Coming: Interaction To Next Paint

The recent announcement of Google reveals that Google is removing one of the metrics of its Core Web Vitals and is substituting that metric with a new core metric. Google also claims that the new metric gives more accurate results than the older one and represents user experience more effectively.    The new metric of Core Web Vitals that Google

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Google’s New Features To Improve Image Verification

Search engines like Google are changing their norms like never before. Every day or two, we hear about the new policies of Google. The reasons for this are many, primarily the advent of technology as new technological advancements emerge daily. Google is realizing the need to announce new policies to curb unethical practices.  In its recent announcement, Google has emphasized the

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Google Will Offer Protection From Spam Sites on Anchor Text Signal

The old SEO tricks have long since fallen to dust. These days, Google’s SERP Algorithm has restricted its rules on content quality, and anchor text and other such details are essential now. Besides, Penguin (also known as the “webspam algorithm”) has undergone many improvements in recent years. The anchor language in your backlinks and internal links is also getting more

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google conference

Google Teases Update To Helpful Content System

At the latest annual I/O Developer of Google conference, it announces the upcoming changes in its helpful content system. Google does this to improve the ability of search engines to determine the content created from an expert or personal viewpoint.   By doing so, the user’s experience with search engines will also improve. Also, for content creators, there are some

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google on ideal number of products on a page

Google On Ideal Number Of Products On A Page In Context of Ranking

This article discusses what Google says about the ideal number of products on a page in the context of ranking. Appearing high in Google search results is a fundamental goal for online merchants, which is why they work tirelessly to boost their search engine optimization. Regarding SEO, the number of products shown on a single page is disputed. Some vendors

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