Google’s Big Update in October 2023: What You Need to Know

What should you do if your website gets hit by a core update
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Google just made a big change by launching the October 2023 Core update. It’s the third major update of Google this year.

The update was launched on 5 October 2023 and took 14 days to roll out. The update finished rolling out on 19 October 2023. As it is new, it is essential for website owners and anyone who uses Google to know about the update and get information.

In this article, you’ll get to know more about this big update.:

What is Meant by a Core Update?

A core update is like doing a makeover of Google’s search engine. Google uses an algorithm to decide which webpage to show. A core update enhances the algorithm to ensure it shows you the best results.

What is meant by a core update

The sole purpose of the core update is to improve the quality of the search engine and its results. This helps you to get the best results when you search for anything online by promoting good websites and pushing down the not-so-good ones.

The core update is one of the big updates that changes so many things, like the ranking of the websites and search results, unlike the regular minor updates, which fix the bugs and add new features. It can drastically change things.

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What Happened in the October 2023 Core Update?

This update made a good impact on the rankings of the website. According to some experts in this field, some websites noticed changes in how they showed up in Google’s search results from 10 October to 12 October and again in the last weekend.

What happened in the October 2023 Core Update

Some websites managed to get more visitors, and some got less. The impact depended on many things, like the website’s information, where it was from, and how good the news was. Websites about health, travel, finance, education, and entertainment were affected the most.

But here’s something important to know: Google also did another update around the same time, called the “October 2023 Spam Update.” This one targeted website tries to trick Google into showing them higher in the search results. It’s like trying to win a race by cheating.

This spam update ran for two weeks and ended on 18 October 2023. It is possible that the changes that people saw in search results during this update were because of one or both of the updates. It’s like trying to make a soup and figuring out what tastes better. Only some things taste good.

What to do if your Website Gets Hit by a Core Update?

If your website saw a drop in visitors and didn’t perform that well in the core update, there is no shortcut or magic spell to fix it. According to Google, if your website’s rank is lower, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your website. But there is a chance for you to improve your website, which will increase your ranking in the search results.

What should you do if your website gets hit by a core update

Google gives you some questions by which you can determine whether your website was affected by the core update or not. These questions include the quality of your information, how much information you have about the topic, how much someone can trust on your website, how easy it is for people to use, and the other technical stuff. By honestly answering these questions, you can improve your websites.

Here’s what Google suggests you do:

  1. Focus on making your website more helpful, authentic, and unique. Give people what they need when they visit your site.
  2. Make sure your website works well on all kinds of devices and platforms. It should be easy to use on phones, tablets, and computers.
  3. Keep an eye on how your website is doing. Check your website’s stats and see if things are getting better. It might take time to fix, but small changes can add up over time.

Google also says that if you make reasonable changes to your website, you might see things get better between core updates. But the most noticeable changes usually happen after the next big core update. So, expect things to stay the same over time.


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In Summary

This October 2023 Core Update had a big impact on many websites. Google releases these core updates to improve Google’s search results by promoting high-quality websites and pushing down not-so-good ones.

If your website got hit by this update, there is no need to worry much. You have to take a good look at your website and improve it. Just focus on people’s needs and make your website easy to use. Also, it would help if you kept an eye on how your website is doing. Sometimes, these small changes can help you to perform better in the search engine.

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