HTTPS/SSL- A New Roadblock For SEO Community?

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Google officially announced that going HTTPS/SSL will give you a ranking Boost. Google back their decision saying security is their top most priority and they have added HTTP/SSL as a ranking factor to encourage webmasters for it.

What do you need to do?

You need to have a SSL certificate for whole site. You can buy various type of certificate depending upon how many domain you mange. According to Google, its a week single but I bet it they will strengthen it very soon.

It would cost you few extra buck  (You can imagine a sales boost for certificate providers!) but you must get it as soon as possible.


Doing it Properly?

Moving the whole site from HTTP to HTTPS can be a headache if you technically challenged like me.  There can be some many types of issues, you might face. Google has a full document to help you move your site from non secure connection to a secure connection. You might hire one freelancer to do the job for you.

Points to Take Care Before the Move?

  • Think about the social signals your site have got till now.
  • Think about the back links which have been made for non secure URL.

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