6 Weeks SEO Diversification Checklist That Works – Valentines 50% OFF

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As you probably know, most websites have taken a beating last month, even the well optimized ones…

Google may have started this year with a bang with an unconfirmed Search Ranking Algorithm Update.
This whipsaw action and volatility can make even the most experienced website owners dizzy.

But regular clients know we’ve been through this ride before… And we’re covered – no matter where the SERP zigs or zags.

You see, at SamBlogs, we don’t base our SEO strategy on short-term Google Updates, daily competitors, or random drops in the rankings.

Instead, we protect our websites by using Premium Backlinks… stop losses… and make the websites stronger in terms of Stats, Authority and  eventually Rankings.

Plus, we recommend more diversification of Backlinks than anyone we know of in our industry. This diversification gives us plenty of upside opportunity. But it also provides more downside protection from competitors and Google Updates.

And if volatility continues, now’s a good time to check in on your website’s health.

So today, I am sharing with you a six-step diversification checklist that will change the game for your website in Google SERP.

6 Weeks SEO – Diversification Checklist
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Here are six moves that you should add in your strategy…

Your Six-Step Diversification Checklist

At SamBlogs, we’ve developed an SEO plan to keep us grounded even in the most volatile markets. If you stick to it, you’ll be able to outperform any website and stabilize your rankings.

So run your website through the six-step checklist below. And you’ll be ready for anything Google throws at you…

1) Tiered Links with EDU Links at the Base of the Pyramid

Numerous studies show that link pyramid can help you achieve more faster and stabilized results. So, a good start is sending high quality links from top .EDU and .Gov Domains to your Money Site and the tiering them with high quality Bookmarks, Forum Profiles, Article Directories.

2) Social Signals that Work as a Shield

Get some exposure to your website by sending links from various social media platforms. They’ll generate long-term performance while shielding your website in the meantime.

3) Diversity Links Directly to Money Site

Diversifying your money page with different types of links like Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Submissions, .EDU Profiles is always the one of the best strategies to go for any website.

4) Social Signals for Website Authenticity Purpose

Our simple rule of thumb is: Build links on social networking sites as these social likes, shares, and views signal to search engines and your social media followers that your content is useful and relevant which boost the Authenticity of your website.

5) Unique Content filled Web 2.0 Links and Tiered Links to them

Great content attracts great links and the invaluable attention of the users. Unique Content can help you boost your website’s Value & Link-Worthiness.

6) Social Signals for Shield and Authenticity

More social signals mean more engagement, and visibility. This tells Google you’re sharing content that meets search intent, is relevant and authoritative, is of high quality and fresh, and the social shares generate more backlinks to your content.
This checklist has served us well in the past. And it’ll continue to do so going forward. We suggest you print it out and keep a copy handy.

Now, it’s gut-check time.

  • Can you withstand to lose your website?
  • Will you be able to sleep at night if your rankings and traffic drop?
  • Do you have time to recoup your losses?

If any of the answers are “no,” then you should revisit your SEO Strategy…

The truth is, no one knows what Google is going to come up with now.
But as outlined, heightened volatility could carry on.

That’s why we don’t base our SEO Strategy on short-term updates. We use a time-tested SEO Strategy. And we stick to our plan.

So, make your move now and do it right this time at a flat 50% discount with:

Weekly SEO – Your Diversification Checklist
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This way, you won’t panic if things get worse. Instead, you’ll be well-prepared for any bumps in the road.

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