Google Says Web 3.0 Won’t Kill SEO

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Lately, there has been a lot of debate on ‘Will Web3.0 kill SEO?’. This opinionated article is most likely to clear most of the doubts you might be having regarding the subject. It will explain that Web 3.0 Won’t Kill SEO.

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What is Web 3.0?

Web 3 or 3.0 is the advancement of the World Wide Web. -The latest innovative Internet is based on blockchain technologies, incorporating decentralized cryptocurrencies

web 3.0

It will replace large online platforms like Amazon, Apple Pay, etc., with systems supported by blockchain. Significant companies might have to reconsider their revenue streams and model.

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Will Web 3.0 affect SEO?

With the launch of Web 3.0, people get to thinking that it would kill SEO. But, according to John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, it is entirely untrue. Web 3.0 will have no real impact on SEO, and it will consist of everything that we see on the current web; if not, then more.

Web 3.0 is a way to store, access, and transfer information using public databases. On the other hand, SEO is a way to optimize content like listings, articles, etc., to make them accessible and rank higher on Search Engine result pages. And, there is no news of replacing search engines as of now.

SEO will continue to work and be our need as long as we have search engines. Even in the metaverse, people will continue to look for content on YouTube, Google, etc.

So, even when web 3.0 comes into play, the search engines, social media networks, marketplaces will be there for SEO to work. We can see that Web 3.0 Won’t Kill SEO. There are times when there is an adverse impact on SEO. Do not worry. Click here to know more.

will web 3.0 affect seo

In fact, Web 3.0 will not vanish SEO but most likely enhance the SEO tools and technologies further. The technical things will continue to evolve, but the core aim of SEO will remain the same with added advanced tools and tech.

Even if Web 3.0 changes how people search for information on search engines, SEO will only develop to leverage capital out of user behavior changes.

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Web 3.0 will not kill SEO, at least in the initial months. Even if it affects SEO, it is most likely to be in a good way only. SEO tools and techniques will advance. Search Engines, social media networks, etc., will continue to exist, and so will the need for SEO techniques.

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