On Page SEO- The Missing Bullet?

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Have you been trying to kill Google SERP and used all the weapons in your arsenal? Well, may be you have got great links with awesome PA/DA, but you have been forgetting the missing bullet- ON PAGE SEO.

Today, I would dive into On Page Optimization in Today’s SEO. Before we talk about best title length , keyword density and other things, I assume you are doing keyword research properly. Keyword Research is the backbone of good On page Optimization and Off Page optimization later.




Keyword Research:

I personally use Keyword Planner  from Google adwords for all of my clients. I have used Longtail Pro for few niche sites and It has turned out good as well. You can use any of them for your keyword research. I consider LSI keywords as very important factor later in link building. I recommend you UberSuggest for LSI (P.S. I am not affiliated to any of them as of today!!). You can also use Google’s Auto Suggestion tool for LSI Keywords.


URL Structure:

You can call it permalink as well (they are permanent, so they are called permalinks).  For Example, if we are targeting “On page SEO” as our keyword, then “samblogs.com/on-page-optimization-seo/ is a better permalink to use the n any other permalink. In short, its good to get your keyword in the URL.


Title Tag:

Title tag is one of the most important On Page Optimization Factor. You must use it wisely.  The way of using Title tag has changed over a period of time. Let me explain how?

Lets say you are targeting: SEO Consultant in India

And Your LSI Keywords Are: Best SEO consultant India , Top SEO consultant India

Title Tag 1:

SEO Consultant in India | Top SEO consultant India | Best SEO consultant India

Title Tag 2:

Interview with the Best SEO Consultant In India

I think you can spot the difference. Title Tag 1 may fall under Over optimization. Where as Title Tag 2 is natural and to the point.

Length of the title Tag:  I would say it should not be limited to any character limits. You should know, nobody would like to see lengthily titles. Further more, nobody even like very short title. Keep it to the point and focused on your main keyword. Period.

Meta Tags:

You can leave out meta Keywords tag. Its of zero important in today’s SEO. For Meta Description tag, I would advice you not to over do it. Just 1-2 instance of the keyword would make a good Meta Description Tag.


There are two important things about images. First, Name of the image and second, ALT tag.

Name of the image:

keyword.jpg is a better name than 12349.jpg. You got it right!

ALT Tag:

You must use ALT tag to define your images. Its very handy for E-commernce stores, where they hardly have space for content.


Final Words:

The above mentioned points are good enough to make your on page efforts. One important thing, I forgot to mention is, You should not worry much about Keyword density. You should not aim for a particular keyword density. Lets the water flow. Let it come out as natural as possible.

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