Facebook Retargeting With Custom Audience

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I have been running Facebook Ads from quite a time now. I thought of re- targeting my clients (or web site visitors like you) though FB ads. I did it though custom Audience option and my ROI shot up to 250% . If you are using Facebook ads for your business and You have been missing Custom Audience Option, then you are missing a lot. Today I would write about how we can re target with Custom Audience in Facebook.



There are two components of this.

  • Re-Targeting
  • Custom Audience

So basically we are trying to target same set of people, or the people who have at least seen or read about our brand for once. Now we would learn, how we can re target certain type of custom audience.

  •  A.People who have visited your site
  •  B.People who have liked your Fan page
  • C.People who are on your Mailing List
  • D.People who look like your target audience



A.People who have visited your site:

To target all the visitors of your site again. You would go to Facebook ads manager and then click on Create Custom Audience and then you would put the exact URL of the page ( in my case, I am targeting all the visitors who come and visit my home page : samblogs.com)  which want to re-target and it will create custom audience for you.

You would have to put a piece of code to that page which you wanted to re-target.

Now after you place the code and use that custom audience , when ever anybody comes to that particular page and then go back and leaves your site. Now when ever that person, logs to his Facebook Account, He will see your ads. I hope you got it 🙂

 B.People who have liked your Fan page:

Its rather easy when compared to the A. option. In this case you will just have to tell facebook to show your ads to all the people who have liked your page. So basically Facebook will keep on reminding about you and your brand.

C.People who are on your Mailing List:

Here comes the deal. If you have a huge mailing list, you can almost target anybody on the mailing list. The point to note here is, facebook can only target those people who have used that Email ID for facebook, as simple as that.

Let’s say, if somebody who is on your mailing list by x@samblog.com ID, but he has created his Facebook account with Y@gmail.com, then you wont be able to target that person.

In my experience ( I have used this option), about 40% of the people use same Email ID, and that’s a huge amount.

You just need to upload the Email list and Facebook would start showing your ads to those people.

D.People who look like your target audience

What if you are a new site owner with just 10 likes on your Facebook page and with No Mailing list? Yeah, the similar Audience works great for it ( I am yet to use it though), you can create a “Look like ” Audience in the Custom Audience option at Facebook and start targeting people who look similar to your targeted audience.

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