7 Highly Effective SEO Tips For Healthcare Business

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Healthcare is one of the sectors that have been experiencing numerous technological changes in the past one decade. A lot of new aspects have been introduced and more are still underway with an intention of improving the entire experience for both the physicians and the patients.



One of the emerging trends that have completely revolutionized the healthcare sector across the globe is the use of the internet. The internet has played an integral role in facilitating easier and more convenient access to healthcare services.

Besides, most healthcare centers are now depending on the internet to help boost their customers base to cover an even larger geographical scope.

Unfortunately, penetrating the online market may not be as easy as it sounds. It’s a process that calls for more commitment, creativeness and more importantly digital marketing strategies in order to not only improve your web visibility on the internet but also boost web traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular and reliable ways that healthcare centers use to enhance their online experience. It’s however important to note that in order for medical SEO to be more effective, it needs to be done in a professional manner.

Below are seven healthcare SEO tips and tricks that may help a healthcare center enhance its online experience and improve Google ranking.

Keyword Density

One of the key factors that Google uses to rank website is the general keyword density (how often a keyword or its synonym reappears). However, this does not mean that you can deliberately stuff the keyword on your website and improve your current rank, the keyword needs to reappear naturally.

In order to achieve this, the SEO expert needs to clearly understand the primary objectives of a healthcare center.



This will help them choose the right keyword that the user is likely to search and use their SEO expertise and experience to optimize it on the website or web page. Thorough research would need to be conducted in order to determine how frequent the keyword is searched, the common keywords among competitors and what would make the keyword to be used unique and easy to find.

Optimize Local Search

If there is one area that healthcare centers should never dare ignore is the local presence.

This strategy is mainly used to make sure that the healthcare is well known among the local residents. Remember that the locals form one of the most reliable target audience since they can easily access your services and at the same time recommend the services to other patients.



In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that healthcare centers/clinics have profiles that properly describe how they operate, a geographical map that can be used to find the physical location of a hospital/clinic, a unique hospital color, and logo that directly identifies it among the locals.

The hospital should also identify with the town, state or county they are located in order for the target audience to easily locate them.

Only Add Quality And Original Content

One of the key factors that most search engines especially Google takes with a lot of seriousness is the originality of any materials added to a website.

By adding plagiarized materials in your website or blog, you will not only be risking dropping in the current Google rank but you will always be putting the hospital’s reputation at stake.




The importance of reputation in online marketing cannot be underestimated. Since most web owners and SEO agents depend on professional writers for quality content, they have to make sure that such materials are thoroughly checked for plagiarism using the premium software like Copyscape.

Apart from that, the content needs to be of high quality, easy to read and understand and precise. The article should also be interesting, creatively written, regularly updated and it should also call to action.

Any video or picture added on the website should also be of high quality, clear and straight to the point.

Mobile Phones Usability

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly the most used device to access the internet. This can partly be attributed to the introduction and growth of smartphones across the world and partly on the affordability smartphone.



It’s therefore important for any healthcare providers to make sure that their website has both versions, one that works best on computers and another one that works best in mobile phones.

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This makes it easier for any mobile user to have an easier time accessing and navigating along a website. One of the modern trends in medical SEO that has proved highly reliable and efficient is the use of mobile phone applications which are free to download and install, use relatively low internet data and are easier to use.

Online Reviews

Just like product reviews, health care services can also be reviewed. This feature allows any patient to rate the quality of services offered to them. Good reviews can be a very good digital marketing technique since it will be indirectly recommending hospital’s services to other interested clients.



As a result, the hospital has to put in place adequate measures with an aim of making the entire experience amazing; only an amazing experience would attract incredible rating/review. One of the ways you can ask for customer review would be through newsletters, FAQs section, through patient portals, Creating a section in your website that allows patients to review your services among others.

Social Media Marketing

Millions and millions of people across the world spend the better part of the online experience in social media.

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Luckily, most of these platforms come with features and tools that SEO agents can use to direct that traffic to a hospital/clinic website.


However, the most common way to attract more web traffic through social media is by sharing web links and calling the target audience to action.

Besides, most healthcare centers can now offer most online healthcare services directly via their social media which has generally improved the entire experience.

Website User-Friendliness

The effectiveness of website depends on how the target audience can easily navigate around. A hospital target people from all walks of life, its website, therefore, needs to be designed in a way anybody can use without experiencing any difficulties.



Some of the ways to achieve this would be through a graphic user interface, strategically located search engines, ability to choose the language that one is more conversant with and most importantly the use of simple words and phrases that are grammatically correct.

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