A Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm

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Of course, the world of SEO is vividly magical and mysterious by which we cannot deny the fact that it is the prominent & successful source of digital marketing.

In today’s era, the only thing which is not constant is the technology that’s why the traditionally used algorithm of the search engine has come to a change. 

Living in the space of SEO, we all know that Google is one of the foremost players of search engines.

And, to keep their this reputation intact in October 2015, Google let the big secret out that to enhance the search experience of the consumer they have been using Artificial Intelligence, which is known as Google RankBrain

Being an SEO and digital marketing associate, we all got a chance to know & understand RankBrain and while working on it, we’ve been muddled by the use of it. Since the date of its announcement, the search engine algorithm is persistently revolving around machine learning.

Also, it has become the third most important ranking factor of SEO, other than content and backlinks

Well before we go down the street of RankBrain itself, lets us give you a quick run-through of its origination. Surely, you all must have remembered the days when the internet was not bliss to us, but it was a big mess.

Due to heavy site, spamming website owners used to buy links and honestly, SEO was not into consideration at all. Early in this decade, Google took no time to realize it and made changes to priorities the quality and relevance of the search engines.

Hence, they launched the Hummingbird update in 2013, which was used to conduct the search based on a combination of keywords and their context, but because of its remote algorithm, it couldn’t survive for more time.

Post two years of its struggle, Google introduced the RankBrain the main function of it was to procure never-before-seen search queries.

In this article, we will be discussing more about RankBrain, how its work, also we will know more about the factors of RankBrain affecting Search Engine Optimization. 

Let’s dig in!


What is RankBrain?

Google RankBrain is defined as a machine-learning system, which is composed to encourage the search engine in providing the most suitable results.

To be fair, out of so many of Google’s overall search algorithms RankBrain is more operative.

Also, as we have already stated, this is counted in the top three factors responsible for search engines, immediately next to the website’s quality link and content.   

Well, RankBrain and its process may sound like a regular algorithm method by Google, but to your shock, it is not because it is an AI algorithm.

In comparison to Google’s hand-coded algorithm, RankBrain is an AI that works on its own. Over past years, RankBrain has proved multiple times that it is more compatible than the hand-coded algorithms to detect the best pages for a given search. 

After analyzing the keywords, Rankbrain inflates or deflates the value of content, backlinks, domain authority in the process of page search ranking.

Since RankBrain is performing at its best, it is clear that it will not be obsoleting for a while. So being an SEO expert, you should get frequent with RankBrain, its algorithm, and with the functionality as much as possible.


How Does RankBrain Work?

In an interview, one of Google’s former employees explained how RankBrain uses artificial intelligence, which computers understand and how it converts the enormous texts into mathematical entities, briefly known as, vectors.  

At the point when RankBrain runs over another word or expression, it has never come across; it attempts to comprehend the significance.

It makes a theory in which different words or expressions are like the mentioned search question. This is a more proficient method of giving the client the most significant outcomes for questions the web index has never observed.

When Google lands on a never-seen search inquiry, it searches the referenced information bases, and utilizing the recently made numerical equations attempts to discover important list items to the client’s pursuit question.

That is the reason Google likewise contemplates signals that could change the significance or the goal of the hunt inquiry. These signs can be conjunctions like “and”, “or”, “without”.


Keyword research Tips for RankBrain

Keyword research is a difficult process, yet it is a portion of SEO. You will discover a ton of tips in huge numbers on our website and our social media platforms for the same. 

Well, this article is devoted to RankBrain so it would be unjustifiable not to incorporate the keyword strategies for RankBrain world. However, is it even conceivable to enhance for RankBrain? All things considered, yes and no.

#Tip 1. Keyword in Website URL

It is considered that when we work for the enhancement of search engine ranking, structuring website URL is crucial. We know it is a common practice, yet many experts fail to put it in action. 

Having a keyword immediately in the website URL make it simpler for Google to understand about website.

In practice, when Google can easily recognize what the page or website is about, it has a superior opportunity to show up in the search rankings. As a best usage, URLs ought to be short and direct.


#Tip 2. Content and Engagement

Make content that is relevant and appealing for clients and deliberately advanced for web crawlers. We are happy that RankBrain focuses on commitment.

It centers around content outcomes and not just how well it is composed, advanced, and the number of value backlinks the site has. To lay it out plainly, Rank cerebrum does: 

1. Include the keywords (clarified previously)

2. Measure the fulfilment of users with list items 


#Tip 3. SEO & UX

Title, tag, and description- Remember to incorporate the main keywords. It doesn’t bode well to compose important titles and depictions while excluding the keyword. Use emotions to compose engaging titles and descriptions. 

The last tip in our list to mention is to write long and in-depth content as many studies have proved that long contents have a better chance for engagement.

How can you optimize your SEO for RankBrain?

Being the third most important factor, RankBrain has successfully made it for the SEO list of the decade. Till it was limited to the content and links, it was not that complex to incorporate. Be that as it may, would you be able to improve RankBrain?

No. At any rate, not as indicated by Google. RankBrain is certifiably not a positioning element that you can verify on a rundown. It is excessively unique for that. 

This doesn’t mean there is no other option for you. Envision RankBrain being a person. What does a person need from the web? A new, relevant search result that is effectively available. Search inquiries are eventually searching for an answer.

In the event that you can give the most fitting response to a particular pursuit question, you may rank on top. Along with these factors, it is essential to know about what users could need from you and to compose new, relevant content that is focused on that purpose.

John Mueller of Google Switzerland helps us to remember how to make that content open. On the off chance that we make incredible sites, RankBrain will have a simpler time understanding our content.



With everything addressed above, confidently, you would now be able to take on Google’s new algorithm, RankBrain.

What you should at last remember is to give an outcome that will make users and searchers remain longer. That, however, makes some improvements and accommodating data.

When you have effectively done this, Google will look at last brand your outcome as significant for the searchers to see. 


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