Author: Vikas Singal

Penguin 2.1 and hummingbird- 4 HOT tips

  I have been doing a lots of case studies specially after 4th October 2013 ( i was not much concerned after the hummingbird but penguin 2.1 took me off by surprise)  and now about 5 weeks after penguin 2.1, I can really advice on some points to you guys. As you can understand we cant reverse engineer the exact

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a complete guide to the google penguin algorithm Update

hummingbird + Penguin 2.1 -Case 1

Okay, So SEO world went upside down in last couple of weeks. First Hummingbird and then Penguin 2.1. I was busy studying Hummingbird and before I could conclude something, Google gave us Penguin 2.1. According to Google, Hummingbird is a complete change of an Engine ( Algorithm) with some old parts still in it ( as those old parts were

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Ranking With ZERO Content

Google unveils yet another update named Hummingbird ( I dont know why Google  run behind these innocent creatures?) on the eve of its 15th Birthday. Thousands of SEO Experts are still trying to gauge what would that mean for them, Meanwhile I come across this site which ranks #1 for quite a competitive term without giving a shit about what

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expired landing pages kill your Google rankings

Ranking In 7 Days With Crap Links

In my last post, I wrote about a Parked Domain getting ranked at #1 for a popular PPD niche. To be honest, I am not against these sites or the people who do it , I just wonder that there are smart people on earth who keep Google on it’s toes and rank somehow.   Keep the momentum from last

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annual search spam report.

Spam Works?

I have been thinking of tracking some sites which rank amazingly well in serp despite bad SEO. Finally I got time to do that. Keyword : pirater compte facebook Site: I checked its ranking today 20th Sep and Here’s the screenshot:     I have seen sites ranking well but this was an awesome example of “SPAM Works” . 

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