4 Basic Steps To Maximize Your Facebook Reach

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Social Media Marketing is no doubt one of the prime concerns for online marketing folks as using search engines as a top traffic generating source is turning to be a difficult task now. Google’s recent updates are more than a ghost for marketing consultants and bloggers and it is almost every marketer’s choice to choose social media as a top traffic generating platform for his projects. Normally, this blog receives more traffic from search engines but extra benefits are always great and if social media has the capability to drive traffic then why one should neglect it?

Facebook is one of the greatest social networking sites as far as the user activity is concerned and it’s a fact that if a platform has active users then it will undoubtedly help you to drive visitors to you blog. Some people consider Facebook as a time waste but it’s totally different if you use it for the sake of marketing, if you have skills and you know how to utilize them then Facebook can no more be a time waste for you.

Today, I have came up with some Facebook marketing gimmicks which can help you to improve your blog’s traffic, here are few:

Utilize Facebook Groups:

Just like Google+ Facebook gives you the opportunity to utilize groups for the sake of marketing, if you invest some of your precious minutes to find some active groups then they’d work as a permanent traffic generating source for you. While being in the groups, you don’t have to make people realize that you are active in the group for yourself only, you have to be active for others too. Be active and try to boost your relationship with other group members, you’ll surely build a good reputation for yourself and a mob of visitors waiting to visit your blog.

Facebook Adverts:

Some people might say that Facebook adverts require money but the results aren’t according to the amount of investment, that’s not the case every time. Let’s suppose if you invest $500 in creating a campaign for your blog and drive some targeted visitors to a page of your blog which sales a product worth $100. If you make only 5 sales a day then you will recover the whole money plus some profit too as a page on which you invest $500 isn’t supposed to generate only 5 sales a day but remember you have to be good at creating campaigns. Sometimes your campaign may seem less profit generating but you have to be bold to see positive results in your future campaigns because hard work always pays.

Use of Images:

No matter how you market your blog through Facebook, images will always rescue your blog. Whether you post on a page or on your personal profile, you’ll have to be perfect at selecting images. Even you’ll have to be good at image selection while creating campaigns as campaigns will only work if you use the right images. You have to use images which can convey your message, images with a bunch of text works great for Facebook ad campaigns.

Consistency is the key:

As I have mentioned above you have to be active and you have to make others realize that you are active for others not for yourself. You have to be consistent along with being active while sharing updates in groups, Facebook pages and your own profile. Beside this you have to communicate with people personally through groups, pages and your profile to create good relationship with them because the more you’ll improve your relationship with people the more they will help you to promote your blog.


Facebook marketing is not much hard as compared to twitter and Google+, there are only few simple steps which you have to follow. You just have to practice the above mentioned steps to improve your marketing skills because practice is the only thing which can help you to be better at something.

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