5 Best Blogging Platforms to Start Your Blogging Journey

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There are millions of blogs available online which are based on different topics and unique stuff and many individuals want to get into this world by creating his own blog as creating a blog is an outstanding way to spread one’s voice all over the web. Creating a brand new blog is really simple for the people who are in the blogging world for a long time but the people who are new to this world find it difficult. Besides creating there is another issue which create problems for the people who want to start their blogging journey that is choosing the right blogging platform. Once someone gets into the blogging world and wants to create his own blog the very first thing he’d have to select is the right platform as there are a variety of platforms available to choose from. Let’s have a look what are the blogging platforms I’m going to mention today and what are the benefits of using them.



Ever wondered how I got a really neat design and navigation for this blog? It’s all because of WordPress. It is one of the most popular blogging platforms with over 43.7 million new posts published each month by different individuals. WordPress is the king of blogging platforms, it’s famous because it provides ease to its users by offering a variety of plugins. WordPress provides an easy environment for people to write, draft and publish new posts. Along with the clean environment for its users it facilitates the readers of its users as well, and that’s the reason behind the success of WordPress. People are blogging because their posts are being read, and that’s the intention of a blogger, isn’t it?



A service by Google.com, although Google is the king of search engines but I don’t think Google has the same reputation for its blogging platform as more and more people are migrating to WordPress due to its powerful user-friendly environment. We can’t say that Blogger is of no use as people are using it too but you cannot take the full advantage of blogging using this platform as WordPress and some other platforms facilitate their users with the external plugins feature. It’s a fact that blogger based blogs get ranked far quicker than WordPress based blogs on Search Engines but if you know the right techniques then no matter what platform you use you can rank your blog easily.



A great platform for micro-bloggers that has more than 194.6 million blogs with over 83.1 billion posts, isn’t it enough to describe the popularity of Tumblr? The worst thing is you cannot customize it and the good thing is you don’t have to pay to use the platform but you’d have to pay to get a custom domain.



If you are a fan of multi-author blogging and want to setup a blog for the purpose then you must go with Blog.com, you have the advantage to select your blog’s design from a collection of few beautiful themes. Blog.com is free but you’d have to pay to attain premium features like custom domain name.



Medium is yet another blogging platform, still struggling to compete with blogger and wordpress. You can merely create collection of stories under a specific name of your choice. What I like about Medium is its design and I hope I’d try it at some stage of my blogging journey.


It was all about the trending blogging platforms, if you ask me then I’d recommend you to go with WordPress as I’ve been using it for some years and it is simply awesome. It is your choice to go with any of the above listed blogging platforms as sometimes it depends on what features you want from a blogging platform, if it fulfills your requirements then you should go with it.

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