BOX-SHOT V6: The latest Version Goes Live

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Earlier, last week, I got an Email from BHW, that PR wont be accepted as a Metric in the marketplace from Q4. See this thread for more info. The same day, I made up my mind to move my Blog Posts service to new Metrics.

Most of the things are done and we have added 70 new blogs based on new metrics. We would start posting on the new network from 1st August.

Here are the DA break up of the new Network where We would begin posting soon with BOX SHOT 6.



As you can see, the Avg DA of the network would be 24.33.

I have considered TF and CF as the next major factor in V 6 version. Last week, I wrote this blog post, about TF and CF. We have tried to keep TF/CF ratio as close to 1 as possible. So the quality has been given preference over quality.

The avg TF/CF ratio for the network comes around 0.68

Here are few Other major Details of the network.

Avg TF of top 10 blogs in the network:  23

Avg CF of top 10 blogs in the network:  33.7

We would be offering very limited discounted copies at the time of launch. Here is my today’s offer for you guys.

Coupon Code: V6

Order Form:

The coupon code would give 45%  discount on ULTIMATE Package and  35% discount on PRO and Starter Packages.

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