Rank Brain- The Impact on SEO

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SEO is a giant pain in the butt. It’s getting super competitive and Google is becoming smarter with each passing day.

If have not heard of Rank Brain, You have missed something very important. Its been one year since it inception. And Rank Brain is doing a great job for making Google smarter. Let’s take it point by point.


Rank Brain -1

Rank Brain: What It is?

Rank Brain is a machine learning artificial intelligence program used by Google to interpret user’s queries.

It helps Google to understand the “intent” of a user. And based on the intent it can return different search results for the same query in different geographical regions.

The Rank Brain Impact on SEO:

Rank Brain is not an algorithm. But it can effect an algorithm. Google algorithms are fixed for many user generated queries. What Rank brain can do is, It can trigger Google to take different algorithm for a specific query.



So indirectly, it can effect your SEO. You should be more prepared with words synonyms and intentions when making your keyword list.

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