Competitive Analysis : Are you doing it for SEO?

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We know that there are plenty of tools out there that teach you how to peak into competitor’s back links. How do you know which is the right tool or person who can be useful for you?

Not to worry—I’ve got the answer.


In case you missed our Lady Gaga Compete Version launch,  we’re keeping the Competition Analysis module 100% free of cost until next weekend.

In the competition analysis, I am going to give you five secret comparison modules to compare your web site with your top competitors.



Module#1: How is Your over all web site ratings in comparison to your competitors

Module#2: How Competitive You are in Social Media with your Competitors

Module#3: How You are doing in terms of Back links and total referring domain when compared with competitors?

Module#4: Where you stand in terms of Do Follow/No Follow and Image Back links in front of your Competitors?

Module#5: How many .Edu/.Gov links You have got in comparison to your Competitors?

Its a must to know your competitors strategy to stay ahead of them. Trust me, You are not meant to be missed on this one!

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