[Domain Authority 2.0]-Improving Your DA & Rankings in This New ERA

Impact on SERP
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Moz has pushed out their major Update last week. And their Blog reads:

The new Domain Authority has landed, bringing with it more accurate predictions of search performance.

Domain Authority 2.0

How It Does NOT Impact Your SERP?


DA is a Moz Metrics and Ideally it has nothing to do with your SERP. It’s not a replacement for Google PR.

DA vs PR

So if you have lost some DA with this Major update from MOZ, It does not mean that you would lose Rankings in Google Search.


How It Impacts Your SERP?

Impact on SERP

Domain Authority predicts the likelihood that one domain will outrank another.

So on a final note, If you are having a better DA than your competitor then you have a Higher Chances of out ranking him in Google Search.

Let’s Dive into How much DA 2.0 this new .EDU Based Link Pyramid can pass:

1st Impact on DA 2.0

Let’s say you have current DA for your site being 20.

DA of Money Site

We have 20 New High Domain Authority University Links having avg of 70 DA. When these 20 Links point to the direct web site they have a great power to pass the Domain Authority to your own site.

20*70 DA Value ===>>> Money Site

But it does not end up here. We make around 115 High DA (Avg 51) links to those 20 High Authority links and force them to pass the DA to your own site.

So instead of 

20*70 DA Value ===>>>> Money Site

It becomes

115*51 DA Value===>>>>20*70 DA ===>>>> Money Site

It actually forces the DA to pass to the money site.

2nd Impact on DA 2.0

I have been a great fan of Social Signals since 2018 and their impact in SERP can’t be neglected.

It works as the 2nd Passage for Domain Authority to your site. We have come up with top 15 Social Sites including Facebook/Twitter and many more.

The avg DA of the lot comes around 78. and they link back directly to the money site to pass the authority to your Old/New Sites

15*78 DA Value ===>>>> Money Site

3rd Impact on DA 2.0

We make total of 20 Web 2.0 Links pointing to the direct money site.The avg DA of the Web 2.0 sites comes around 55.

Domain Authority 2.0

20*55 DA Value ===>>>> Money Site

But again we don’t end it up here. We make 2nd tier links pointing to those Web 2.0 Links.

So instead of 20*55 DA Value ===>>>> Money Site it becomes

115*51 DA Value===>>>>20*55 DA ===>>>> Money Site

Summing it up.

There are 3 layers to pass the New and improved DA to your site which takes care of everything.

Everything has been set up in the latest version of Flying Dragon to get all the things done for you.


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