Dominating First Page Rankings in 2020 and Beyond!

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What if you had 382 sites to rank in 28 days time?

What if you have been tracking 1974 keywords on Daily Basis?

Obviously you could figure out how to rank a website in search results yourself by working for hundreds of websites and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve already done the hard work for you, testing different website structures, different ages , different backlink sources, and different content strategies.

Lets cut the learning curve and come straight to the point.

Whats Works in 2020?

Link Diversity + Anchor Text Diversity + Unique Content + PBN =  RESULTS in 2019 and Beyond!


How to Use the Formula:

Part 1: {Link Diversity + Anchor Text Diversity}

Lets say you have Keyword 1 , Keyword 2 and Keyword 3 as your main keywords and You have other less important keywords for your site.

You buy Link Diversity Package where you normally get around 300 back links in the package.

Here’s how you use Diversity Package:

Main Keywords = 20% Links (around 60 back links, so each of your main keyword gets around 20 links)

Other keywords:   80% links  (around 240 Back links)

Other Keywords include LSI Keywords, Naked link anchors,Generic anchors,Branded anchors,Image anchors,Long anchors,Partial match anchors,Co-occurrence anchor text.

Normally you get 5-7 type of links in Diversity package mentioned below:

  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Article Directory Links
  • Social Bookmarks
  • .Edu & .Gov Links
  • Profile Links
  • Social Signals

So ideally with Diversity package you solve half of the puzzle. Lets dive into the second half of it.



Part 2: {Unique Content + PBN}

Diversity Links are easy to make links.(Though it does not mean that they are not effective Links)

Anybody can go to any web 2.0 site (or any other site mentioned in Part 1) and make a link. Even a Non SEO person can build those links.

The Good part is:

Not Everything comes Easy in life & SEO

Here the second part of the Puzzle comes into the Picture: PBN

Private Blog Network. If you have been in the Game, You know the term very well.

Using PBN the Right Way:

Unique Content:

I love unique content in Blog Posts. It gives me two advantages over anybody doing blog posts with spun or low quality content.

(A) It makes my Blogs last forever. I have blogs in My Network which are still live from 2013.

(B) It gives the much Needed Authority to New sites (Client’s Web sites). Google loves it madly when it sees links wrapped with 100% unique Content coming to your Newly made site.

Anchor Texts:

There’s a huge cost behind a Well researched and well put together Network. For a powerful Network (Avg DA 24.33 , Avg PA 24.33) like BOX SHOT, I have a team of people who work only of bidding on Good Domains at Go Daddy auctions. We keep on adding blogs in each 30 days time to keep the network up and working.

It costs me about $135 per domain, roughly around $6075 to put up a network of 45 Blog Posts each month.

So Obviously I would not recommend using these high Cost link for “Click Here” or “know More” keywords.

Lets say if you are doing for 45 Blog Posts with your 3 Keywords and you have been doing Diversity Links already on your web site, I must say you should go for at least 9 posts Per keywords to make best out of the PBN package.


Why Do You Need this Combinations?

Coming back to the start of the post, I have been tracking around 2000 keywords on daily basis on approximate 400 categories in and I know what Works and what does not.

People think they have low competitive keywords and they would make on first page of Google with Just Diversity links. It does not happen. If it does, it’s not for long term. We need Blog Posts to complement the Diversity Links and vice versa.

And further More, landing on Page 1 is a different thing, and dominating Page 1 is entirely a new game all together.

Even if you land at #3 with just blog post, You are missing 90% of the Traffic which can be bought though moving two more spots in SERP.

As I am writing this post, We have cracked More than 1326 sites with BOX SHOT and Lady Gaga Combinations in last 97 days time. And 724 keywords are dominating the First 5 Spots of Google SERP. You can imagine the serious money!

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